This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. My concern is the early prevention of phimosis. The late correction of adult phimosis was never my interest. My belief is that once the medical profession realise the need, they will develop hundreds of new methods of treatment which I cant even imagine ... Therefore treatment is purely an appendix on this site, however, because I have no specific bias, my research allowed a rare objective survey of the many posibilities.

This site offers detailed information on individual problem related treatment, often advising simple, cheap, minimal and specific surgery and time honoured solutions taken from traditional methods including partial circumcision, dorsal slit and frenular incision and tying. - (Links are given where appropriate to sites dealing with the modern solutions of preputial plasty and full-circumcision).

ARC letter: Nov 1998


Hi All

Thanks for the replies to my email.

I had a partial circ last Wednesday as a 'day case'
under general anaesthetic (yes a general is the norm
where I live!). The whole thing has been relatively
painless. I was nervous before the op but haven't
had to resort to any of the painkillers they sent me
home with.

That is except for my back! Apparently they tried to
give me a spinal block as part of the anaesthetic and
after trying 3 times they gave up. The day after the
op it felt like someone had kicked me real hard on
the tailbone and then by the 3rd day I could hardly
walk! I am seeing my GP later today to find out if
this is 'normal' or if there is something wrong.

As for the partial circ itself that was as I said
relatively painless. My foreskin was very swollen
after the op and 'black and blue' with bruising. It
looks like the cut was made so that more inner
foreskin was removed that outer foreskin and the 10
soluble stitches are just inside the 'new' foreskin.
The foreskin is still long enough that it just covers
the head of my penis. The only pain from my penis is
during nighttime erections when the stitches tend to
dig into the head of my penis. I really didn't know
that I got an erection so often during the night!!

It's now Monday the 5th day after the op and half of
the stitches have fallen out already. The swelling
has reduced considerably and the bruising is starting
to fade. I still have not retracted the foreskin
fully as it starts to be too painful when the
remaining stitches dig in. However I am confident
that it will retract once all the stitches have
fallen out.

I guess that brings you up to date. As I said thanks
for the emails and support before the op. I intend
to email again soon and let you know how things are
going when all the stitches are out.


Hi All

I had my check-up after the partial circ about a week
ago. To be honest unless you actually get past the
embarrassment factor for you and the doctor and talk
to them you are only going to get a text book circ.

After researching what could be done I found that I
could get a partial circ and that`s what I asked for.
Had I not educated myself as to what was available
it would have been the full monty and that would have
been it.

I am really pleased with the results - and all on the
NHS!! The junior doctor doing the final check was
more embarrassed than I was.

Hi All,

Well it is just over 2 weeks now since the Partial
Circumcision. The swelling has gone down, all the
stitches have fallen out (just) and the bruising is

I can now fully retract my foreskin when flaccid and
also when erect. However the scar is a little tight
when erect. There is also a lump in my inner
foreskin that has been there since the op. I can
only assume at this stage that it is some internal
stitches as that area was directly on the path of a
vein previously. The lump is slowly reducing in size
so I guess that it is just the stitches dissolving
internally. I would assume that once the lump has
gone completely it should be quite easy to fully
retract my foreskin when erect without the scar
forming too much of a phimotic ring. I have
carefully checked and it doesn't get stuck in the
paraphimosis position behind the glans when erect.

The finished result is very good and you would not
know that anything had been done when flaccid as
there is no scar visible. The foreskin falls forward
over the glans and it looks like I have a short
foreskin with only the very tip of the glans exposed.
When erect the scar is obvious at the moment but I
guess that it will fade with time. I am pleased with
the result and glad that I had the op done - just why
didn't I get it done earlier!!

From the whole experience I am grateful that I had
the support of everyone on the list. When I first
went to see the consultant (or rather his junior) he
told me that a partial was not possible and that
"full circumcision is best" At the pre op check I
checked to see if I was in for a full or partial circ
and was relieved that it was down as a partial
(especially after talking to you guys). On the day
of the op I actually met the consultant who was doing
the op and had chance to tell him what I wanted. He
told me that it was no problem and that he would do
his best to keep as much foreskin as possible. That
was the most embarrassing part of the day in hospital
as you are on the bed in the ward talking to the
doctor with only a curtain around you knowing that
everyone else in the ward can hear exactly what you
are asking for!

Without the information on Robins web site I would
have not known what phimosis is and that there was an
alternative to a full circumcision. I would like to
say that the Internet does work and that there is
some very valuable resources hidden away in there
especially on "embarrassing" subjects.

2 months later:
I am really pleased with the results.The lump that
I had described previously has completely gone (dont
think it was stitches).The scar is not a problem
and does not form any kind of phimotic ring.I have
not done any stretching and everything is working
just fine!

When flaccid my foreskin covers the glans with an
opening of about 1cm in diameter.When erect the
foreskin tends to naturally just sit behind the glans
and slides backwards and forwards easily.I have no
problems to report and only wish that I had got it
sorted out years ago.


Please see Partial Circumcision