This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. During erection these conditions inhibit the relationship between foreskin and glans. This functionally restricts the erection, and thus has an effect on the sexuality. With our culture's attitudes on health care, it would be appropriate to monitor boys before puberty and encourage early prevention.

2012 : note from author: My previous idea of monitoring boys before puberty is impractical, unecessary and now only of historical interest. please see Postscript.

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note from 2014 .. i am a little embarrassed about my evangleical attitude here, ... (evidence of a delusion?) ... but i think there is a chance that the theory could contain some element of truth) RS.


These anatomical genital conditions do inevitably affect the sexuality and thus the psychology and social habits.

However unbelievable it may seem, all the facts known to me indicate that in Europe, the essence of manhood has been slightly but fundamentally disturbed, in at least one man in ten. By all accounts, a few hundred years ago, these men would have had little knowledge of their condition, and even less possibility of skilled treatment.

One in eight means that this is not limited to individuals, it effects the whole culture. Either your brother, your father, your grandfather or great-grandfather, were affected. Everyone has experienced, learned or loved in its presence. Consider the general effects any inhibition has on relationships, (especially, but not only intimate affairs) and how these then become part of the partner's experience, to be passed on to their next relationships, as part of the societies experience. It is when experiences repeat that they become established as behaviour patterns, and condition our expectations, habits and potentials.

This unconscious irrational influence, as it deepens and reconfirms over a number of generations would lead to a culture with specific anxiety patterns and inhibitions in the relating behaviour.

The nature of these crazy little problems is very slow working, and one dosen't notice as the effects infiltrate in the basic personality. An imbalance takes years to establish. It would also be a similar long process over generations for the influence to develop into cultural habits and attitudes.


Phimosis concerns the wholeness of a person, and ultimately when so many individuals are affected, the purity and the integrity of a nation or community.

If one eighth of European manhood could have slightly but fundamentally trusted their own subjective physical reactions better, human relationships would have developed along different lines ... many aspects of our culture would have been affected.


Phimosis concerns a man's ability to relate fully in a relaxed and intimate, uninhibited fashion, it influences his social behaviour, and his feeling for life. In a modified form, these tendancies would be passed on to other relationships, as part of the societies experience. This unconscious irrational influence occurring at a frequency of one in ten could be expected to encourage anxiety patterns and inhibitions in the relating behaviour of a culture.

This is surely the singular most fundamental aspect of male liberation.

On starting to read ... first there was a sigh of despair as yet another problem with the world appeared. But notice how simple the cure is,

With the right information this chaos could be dispelled in a year. (except that I'm unable to suggest a solvent for adhesions).

Is there another such fundamental and fully unnecessary extra disturbing factor, which is so simple to cure!

How could any new age develop with all this frustrated energy still trapped in chaos?


Compare this to any of the more complicated environmental issues, or the other surface manifestations of our crazy culture. Realise how simple and fundamental this is, and what personal/social reserves were trapped in these useless genital conditions, what personal/social resources could be easily freed . This taboo has been going on for thousands of years. Its insidious nature must be acknowledged, so that future generations can grow out of this chaos.

Alone the awareness of the phenomenon and its consequences could bring a blessing which may help to heal centuries of chaos and ignorance.

The ability to share myself with others was physically and psychologically restricted. The expression of love (or desire) was pointlessly being frustrated. How much human energy in relationships has been and is being wasted and unfulfilled in this way?

This is one of the missing keys to human happiness on earth.
This is one of the missing elements to heaven on earth (human happiness).