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Written by BR at 02 Jul 2005 05:51:40:

i remeber vaguely when i was about 14 haveing an injury while masturbating .. i slipped and fell in bathroom :(.. it was black and blue and i was scared to tell my parents so i did nothing .. well it healed but it was bent to the left and my glans shirveled up when flaccid and lost nearly all sensation in glans .. i could still get erections but not like all the other guys i knew talked about { rarely woke up with them ) well needless to say dating was a problem for me and i avoided it

.. well im 38 now and i have had a few partners but seem to have a very low libido and the shape caused me quite a lot of distress. then a few months ago i was masturbating and it was so painful in the penis, so i stopped the next morning my erection hurt and the penis curved up quite a bit i saw a urologist and he said i now have peyronnies disease ( ive read that men that have erectile dusfunction are prone to this) well one thing is that now my penis curves up and not to the left but when its flaccid it cannont be stretched and almost pulls into my body .. i can manage to masturbate but if i stop touching it erection gone almost right away .. the peyronies disease and the other inury has left me with a 4 3/4 inch erection at best that is weak and doesnt last.. the psychological aspects of this are very challenging for me as im 38 and dont feel il ever marry or be with someone . i really think if i never injured my penis when i was a kid ( i remeber it being very black and blue and swollen ) that i never would have developed peyronies disease and my life would be normal as all my friends are . i avoid dating im scared and people assume im wierd or gay all the time .. im really having a hard time with this . ive tried cialis and it seems to help but who wants to tell a girl in thier 30s that u have erectile dysfunction :( its tough being single with this :( anyhow thats my story)


Dear BR,

First thank you for this contribution. it is the earliest injury and the longest case history I have ever received. It moves me. Many of these letters do, simply I identify with the experience, I have experienced similar, and I believe this is the first main help I can be, - simply you are not completely alone … even though for many years you have been …

You realise I haven’t any miracle cures …

It seems then that the injury at 14 not only bent the erection, but also influenced the venous flow, (the amount of blood entering and leaving the erection) I have half size erections, simply because following the injury, the blood left the erection twice as quick as normal. … I realise its not much use to you, but my doctors suggested a special thick rubber band to fit on the base of the penis to act as a valve, … (and injecting an erection stimulant which I never did). Recently I tried viagra, and was quite amazed at the erection, … (it still hurt, but no more or less than usual … which is quite bearable usually) … maybe viagra could help you …

Peyronnies: I imagine your doctor was correct in diagnosing this, and my God is that going to happen to me in another 10 yrs. time. … have you confirmed the diagnosis, ie. Can you feel hard calcified plaques under the skin? I had peyronnies diagnosed twice, annoyingly this was simply because the doctors had no other idea.

They say peyronnies has no known cause or cure, … I know little about this, … Calcification happens all over the body, is this simple atrophy (ie lack of exercise)? Is it caused by diet? Or smoking tobacco? Sorry I don’t know. …

I suspect peyronnies is like so many other aspects of male genital complaints: simply because “real men” would never complain of genital pain, doctors think it’s a rarity and so never studied the subject.

I suppose it’s a silly question, but with chalk plaques in your penis, I presume any sexual activity is painful. t.

At 14 - 38 or at any early age this is a very difficult challenge. .....How do you manage?? And how the hell have you managed for so many years … alone?

I have also experienced how people think Im gay, … but I suppose everyone who is a bit reserved or shy has been misinterpreted in this way.

Women also have sexual dysfunctions (naturally easier to hide) but I wonder if there are any sites on female sexual dysfunctions – unfortunately I never get time to do the research - I would quite like to link up …. and maybe even organise a party for us all sometime :)

Im sorry that the above idea is the only future joyous perspective I can/could offer ....edited ...

I cant see my nerve injury/fracture or whatever it is ever healing – (my story is the first on the home page of this forum)

I had my injury age 43 – and even though I had an undiscovered phimosis for 43 yrs., I experienced and enjoyed a fair amount of intimate sex and have many love memories … it could be expected that I have a basic psychology which is more solid and confident than yours with a fracture at 14 --- the fracture/nerve trauma is 100 times more debilitating than phimosis.

The unawareness of docs to phimosis is just a complete idiocy – so easy to cure that even 40,000 yrs. ago the medicine men could cure it. – The fracture / trauma / peyronnies area is very complex requiring modern technology to diagnose research and maybe sometime … treat.

Lets be hopeful … have you researched MEDLINE for recent research on peyronnies.?? The docs don’t get time to do the latest research on everything, and I found it helpful to do this myself. I could help you through a MEDLINE search if you want. Go to www.male-initiation.net/medicus.html at the page top is a link to MEDLINE, ... there is a search engine where you type in peyronnies and the time span you want (the last 20 yrs.) and then you get the summaries of all the medical studies on this subject.

So feel free to write anytime

Take care


Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture