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Bleeding out through Urethra and strong pain - Fracture 2 days old

Dear Sir

While searching the net for information on what I should do about what happened to me I ran accross your request in information about penile breakage. Two nights ago I was having vigorous sex and, as I reached orgasm, my penis slipped out and was bent on the next stroke. I experienced very strong pain, and when I looked (after about one minute), there was a lot of blood. Blood came out of my urethra as if I was urinating. I estimate about one liter of blood lost. Last night I started to get an erection and experienced some pain and additional bleeding (a few ounces). I have not seen a doctor due, in part, to the expense involved. Any advice you may have will be greatly appreciated.

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture