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small broken vein, (no bend), put ice on for half hour 3 times a day - Cured

Written by Andy at 12 Mar 2006 18:09:12:

yesterday moring I experiencied pain while having sex with my girlfriend. Differently from other cases I read about, I was behind her and it happened in a attempt to find a better position to push. I felt pain at the very base of the penis, behind the scrotum, towards the prostata. I didn't notice any loud crack, but I can't be sure because of the loud music in the room.Anyway, I fake nothing and I went over till a regular ejaculation.

During the day, I kept feeling sore in that area. At night while kissing with my girlfriend, I felt a growing pain while getting erected. I ignored it and I had sex again. I had a regular orgasm and ejaculation. I was sore, but I really started to be worried just when I saw a large blue bruise on my scrotum, mostly in beetween the testicols, to the very base of the penis where I was in pain since before, till towards the anus.

I can still get an erection and it doesn't look bent, but it hurts, my scrotum is bruised and kinda swollen from the hematoma.

Did I possibly experienced a penis fracture?

I didn't consult a specialist yet, which probably I'm going to do as soon as possible, but I really rely on your opinion.
I'll be glad to get suggestion on a good urologist for Chicago area.

I really appreciate


yesterday morning I finally had the chance to consult a urologist. I descript the events at my best, before being seen. When the doctor visited me, he said that it's just a small broken vein, that he has seeing cases in which the uretra was broken and that it's nothing bad.

He prescripted me just to put some ice on for half hour, 3 times a day and go back in a week for another check-up.

I felt really relieved of his confidence saying that it's nothing important, but still I hope he hasn't been superficial in his judgement.
The bruise is extending along my penis, but I think it's just a regular spreading of the hematoma. I'm regularly urinating and I get erections too, but this last one with pain. He told me that's normal too, but to avoid absolutely intercourse.
I'll keep you update.

I'm still looking forward for your opinion. Thank you.



Hello Andy,

First - yes Im only here online once a week (usually Thursday/Wednesday) - sorry for the wait.

Second - its lovely that you have so much faith and trust in my opinion and judgement, but I really dont deserve it, I know next to nothing. The only "right" I have to start a forum like this, is because the urologists/specialists also know nothing about my symptoms and those of some of the other cases on this forum. At present Im just keeping things up here hoping that a small group of men will come together with similar problems and then would be able to have more ideas and maybe even solutions ... at least Id have some company :)

I want to take this question slowly. - It is not so unusual to get an injury while penetrating from behind ... the classical situation for penis fracture is when the woman is on top, but this doesnt seem to be the case for nerve traumas - so called "atypical penis fracture"

It seems with the snap crackle and pop and subsequent bleeding of a classical penis fracture, this will usually heal completely within 24 hrs. alternatively the doctors can define and localise a cause and operate. Whichever happens healing appears to be comparatively easy in comparison to nerve traumas.

What is worrying then in your case is that you heard no crack - but felt pain, and the next day sore - and then pain again when becoming erect the next day. .... AND it was on this second day when you noticed the bruising (or internal bleeding) on your scrotum ... and this bruising is obviously the part of your body which you can see - with the question remaining open about how much internal bruising there might be!

You do not describe a typical classical penis fracture.

The doctor has been able to define a small broken vein, ... you can be thankful that there is a reason which can be diagnosed ... but not a classical penis fracture because the urethra is broken, hummm this is another variation on the theme which I dont get often here.

I want to clarify the Urologist who said avoid absolutely intercourse, he means avoid masturbation and everything. You MUST give your body and penis time to recover, time for the self healing processes to work. This is the most IMPORTANT thing to do in your situation.

I suppose that an icy penis for one and a half hours a day is going to slow you down a bit, having a cold cock is never nice ... tough medicine :)

Please do keep in touch and say what happens even if you completely recover, it would help me help other men.

take care good luck -



Written by Andy at 31 Mar 2006

I want to say that after resting and my doctor "fresh" advices, I completly recovered from the trauma: the pain and the bruising are disappeared. I'm also back to my sexual life, even though with a little more carefulness.

Thank you for the support and good luck to everybody!


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the closing note - congratulations and good luck for future


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