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Complex ligament or nerve damage

Author: Chris
Subject: Injury Hope

At the beginning of this year I injured myself during a drunken sex session. My penis was bent down very forcefully while my wife was on top of me. At the time I was able to carry on and thought nothing of it.

The next day however I was in pain and had a burning sensation at the base of my penis on the left hand side that seemed to travel down my penis and under my scrotum. The dorsal vein also looked all swollen and distended. I left it a few days and experienced some weird sensations in what I thought was the vein, cold tingly sensations!

I was worried so went to see my G.P who said leave it alone and things would clear up. After a month it still had not cleared up so I was referred to a Urologist. In the meantime I was abstaining from sex and things did improve.

The urologist told me that it was impossible to tear the ligament and that it was probably a bit of thrombophlebitis and it would clear up in a few months and that my weak erections were down to anxiety!

Things were getting back to normal and then I had sex again, this time I felt something give in my penis. The next day my penis hurt, the veins were all swollen and I had an urgency to urinate all the time. I also had pains in my protate region and my penis sometimes felt hard even though it was flaccid. I again absconded from sex for a few weeks and began to see improvent, the pain had almost gone, but was noticing that I had began to get a bit of a bend in my penis to the left. My erections were strong and present most mornings.... until disaster struck I sneezed violently whilst erect and set it off again. I believe I have a ligament immflammation or some mild nerve damage and that with rest and time it will get better as it alsmost has done on a couple of occasions.

Through research on the net I have found what the best supplements are to heal these types of injury as one apparently needs to have lots of 'non stimulated erections' and that abstinence is required as these injuries burn testosterone and you need it to get well otherwise you will open up a can of worms and suffer from all sorts of other issues related to your HPT axis.

The best website I found is cure-erectile-dysfunction.org. This is run by a qualified urologist who practices chinese medicine. This website helped me a lot.

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Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture