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I really dont understand this very complex experience; condom tearing the foreskin? this needs more explanation - could a frenulum have ripped? - The young man, does not seem appreciate that erections during sleep are normal, and suffers from so many different pains probably since childhood, that his confusion is understandable. -
Fracture may have been caused pre memory - one study suggested men born with bent penis suffered knocks in the womb.

Complex Multiple Pains

Hello there, I have a big problem with my penis.
I am 23 years old and have sicker cells. I am not circumcised and when my penis gets hard it is bent to the left. The problem that I am having is that I will be sleeping and it will start to get hard. I thought that it was a mind thing that I could have controled, But I cant. It gets so hard sometimes that it starts to have some sharp stinging pain on the left side of my shaft. When it gets hard around the lower part of the head gets very sensitive. Sometimes I wake up with it hurting so bad I cant have sex. Because during sex it hurts also. When trying to ejaculate it starts to sting and a flash burning feeling comes on.

I tried every thing to ease my pain, jumping jacks, hot/cold showers, ice pack, push up anything to clear my mind but it wont work. About 3 years ago my girlfriend an I was about to have sex. We were planning to try something new. So I went an bought a stud 100 and some life style color condoms. Stupid! I usually buy magnums the extra large ones, but they did not have any. Hence we got back home and was going to have sex. I placed the condom on a was about to put it in. All of a sudden I felt that the condom was getting warm a burning me. I pulled out just in time to see the outcome. The condom tore the skin of my penis in half. Something like tight rubberband on your wrist.I had to get 21 stiches around my penis .Do you think that my be on of my problem........ Please reply

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture