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mild back-testicle-knee pain

I suspect there are many variations of how men feel at orgasm ... on some occasions- a little pain along one side of my penis within an hour afterward--

>You say "a little pain along one side of my penis within an hour afterward" - Did > you have this pain not only before, but also after your frenulum was trimmed?,
> and do you only get it after orgasm?

To the best of my memory- the only pain I encountered with orgasm after the trim was from my testicles pulling up so tight at orgasm that it caused some pain and discomfort- this occurred and was fairly intense for about the first 15-20 times after- but the pain went away quickly--I frankly thought the 'release' of my glans was permitting a more sudden ejaculation-

The pain along the right side of my penis is a fairly recent thing and only in the last year or so--and always from intercourse--never has occurred from masturbation- the pain starts within 15 minutes -seems to run from my right testicle along the right side of the penis all the way to about the corona. I have two theories on the pain-- one is I have had cysts in my epidymus and when they grow- they usually create some pain- right now I have one about the size of a pea that seems to just be around the left side of the scrotum- since it is not attached to the testicle- my urologist (who incidentally has never actually felt it) says there is no problem-

I suspect some of the pain could be from these cysts-since they would be contracted during ejaculation- On the reason I have encountered the pain after intercourse but not masturbation--I think it is because I am at it longer making sure she orgasms before I do- while in masturbation- I orgasm when I am first ready to most of the time-- and I am so sensitive to someone else's touch- I ejaculate very quickly if someone else gives me a few strokes-

After the first couple of times I encountered pain- I just happened to have an appointment with my urologist-- for a PSA and I asked him, his answer was that he thought the pain originated from the epidymus and radiated thru the prostate and along the penis--and that it was not anything to worry about- it was just something that sometimes happened.

> I've been trying for almost 3 years to get the penis pain and groin treated, and
> though I could go to a surgeon and simply say stitch my groin together, . . I
> really feel I that its all part of the same problem, and I want a doctor to
> consider what the connection might be, . . before anyone just chops around.

When I read this--All the bells and whistles went off!! BINGO- I think you at least helped me understand where my penis pain comes from--and hopefully I may shed some light on yours.

The pain I have experienced has preceded by a couple of days- a spasm which hits my back due to a pinched nerve or problem with a disc between the lower vertebrae-- when that happens--the pain radiates down thru my right testicle and groin and into my right knee- but not along the side of my penis as happens after active sex (only sometimes)

I take an anti-inflammatory drug called Naprosyn-which is a brand name for Naproxen and this clears it up in a day or so-- I also take Aleve which is an over-the counter pain reliever which contains small dosages of naproxen- What I had not put together was the muscle spasm and the pain in my penis which has occurred only after active intercourse-(or a lot of movement in my back) WOW- what an enlightenment for me. The very first few times I had this problem (back-testicle-knee pain) I was riding a racing type bike a lot-narrow seat- and was experiencing some prostate swelling too-

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture