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'flash' burning - bending - trauma symptoms - no cause described

A few years ago I experienced a serious 'flash' burning
sensation in my penis - on reflection, a 'tare' would
describe it, and as time went on, my penis took on a right
hand bend when erect - and this coincided(!) with
erectile problems.

I read a letter in Penthouse from a guy who had
'Peyronnies Disease' and recognised my condition there.
I was referred to a GU consultant who (he didn't
inspire me in any way at all....) said that he'd do
the Nebits Procedure - which was done last summer
(98) - painlessly (phew!.....thank God).

The end result - I'm half the man I was - if my
penis is a measurement of manliness!

RS. my answer: Peyronnies does not start suddenly. From what I understand peyronnies is due to internal calcification which develops slowly and can be diagnosed by ultra sound. My complaint was also diagnosed by one urologist as Peyronnies.

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture