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3 year old Atypical Fracture after intense masturbation, no sensitivity

Dear Robin,
First of all, THANK YOU!

Your website is the first place in the world where I see my probem is mentioned. I have seen soooo many doctors and they all seem to think I am crazy! I REGRETABLY HAVE EXPERIRNCED THIS NERVE TRAUMA MENTIONED MORE THAN 3 YEARS AGO! It has ruined my sex life since. i was only 18 when it happened. Now I'm 22 and I don't know what to do.

It all started when... After an intense bout of masturbation, I ejaculated, but immediately after experienced a sharp pain down the left side of my penis. For 2-3 days it hurt, then the pain started to subside after that and it was just a mild pain. Now i don't have anyomore pain but I have lost all sexual sunsitivity. It is really awful because I can ejaculate but not feel anything sexual at all. I seldom get erections. My penis has started to curve to the left and doctors cannot say what is wrong. PLEASE, since you have mentioned on the website, do you know any doctor in the U.K. that knows something on this subject? I would be grateful to you forever if you can help me...

My penis has started to curve to the left and if i wanna put it into pussy it bend. and another thing when i masturbate and my penis got erection when its near to come then sometimes i feel some pain on tip of my penis. I am unable to understand what to do.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards,


Written by Robin at 17 Aug 2005 18:36:30:

As an answer to: one sided- pain & curvature & bending written by hami at 16 Aug 2005 01:24:19:

Dear Hami,

First thank you very much for writing, -

Unfortunately I doubt I can be much help except in the moral sense: you are not alone. You have probably seen some of my other postings, all Im trying to do is collect information and experiences, to try eventually to unravel the mystery in a few years time.

There must be around 4 letters I have received which complain of first a pain and then complete loss of sensitivity. Perhaps sometimes the body just takes over and numbs the nerve rather than letting you be in pain - (I had an initial murderous pain, it became milder after a few weeks, and is still a mild pain, loss of erection etc.)

Like myself, your injury was caused without bending the penis, bending the erect penis is the most common cause of what we have - (if you write back please confirm this, maybe you didnt mention it because retrospectively you feel embarrassed about bending it).

One abnormal symptom you have is that your pain was on the left side, and now your penis bends to the left. It is usual that the penis bends to the opposite side of the pain. (So could you also please confirm that).

Ok and when you are about to come you get pain in the glans, so all sensitivity is not lost, - but the glans is usually - (depending on maybe if you are circumcised or not)- the most sensitive part of the penis, so its merely cold comfort to suggest that all sensitivity is not lost.

I wish I had some miracle cure. ... Possible courses of action depend on which country you live in and how accessible Urologists are - but I cant suggest this with any optimism - Urologists dont have time to read all the latest medical studies on every subject, and our subject is not common. Maybe you would like to research the latest studies in MEDLINE, I could help you to do this if youre interested ... (Im sorry I just dont get time to do this regularly, it is 5 yrs. since I last checked). And there are some university sites which have sections on this subject (which I also dont have time to check out, and which I would like feedback about).

For a 20 yr. old this is even more hell than for a 50 yr. old, (I am 53, I injured myself at 43).

I know how debilitating it is ... it seems that we must think of adapting to the problem, perhaps a therapist could help you, ... there is a possibility of living fully even with this disability, people who have an academic or spiritual etc. side have it a bit easier, even if its not the way we really wanted to go, it still allows a full life, (or an almost full, and then we have to think about the hundreds of machos who enjoy sex, but never find satisfying love). -

It seems that the only way to get into intimate relationships is to learn to value love and cuddling more than sex, (and this is a tricky business for a young man).

Im afraid this and similar ideas is the best I can do at present. If its any use, please stay in touch, God bless


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