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P not one sided, central pain - mild- not fracture

The first feelings I had were a tiny bit of thrill, followed by a pain which made me have to stop. Then as time passed. the thrill got bigger and the pain got less. Then one day I decided I'd just wank through the pain, and went on wanking, and I got another thrill and for the first time I got a bit of cum, before the pain came back.

>Please explain more
From about 16 onwards I wanked my hard cock and apart from my foreskin being forwards, I wanked in the usual way, with my fist round it and working it up and down. I remember I had to grip the skin right down at the root of my cock, so I could wank it without ever having to pull on the tight nipple of my foreskin, which hurt.

For a long time nothing happened - I just gave up and after a bit my cock went down. Then one night I got a tiny bit of thrill - like a proper orgasm feeling - but it was followed at once by a sort of pain, which was right through my cock and nothing to do with my foreskin, and made me have to stop, and at this stage I didn't get any cum. Slowly the nice thrill feeling got to be more, before the pain started. Then, as I said, I found that when the pain came, I went on wanking in spite of it, it would go away, and I got another nice thrill and one day I felt my first ever drop of cum squeeze up my pee pipe, after which the pain came back real hard. The next stage was that my drops of cum started to squeeze out after my first thrill, but if I kept on wanking after that, I got the pain right through my cock, which made me stop. By this time, I was beginning to be able to get my foreskin back, and after I'd cum, my knob was terribly sensitive for a bit. Later on, I was beginning to be able to do it more easily with my skin back, I still got the pain after I'd cum, especially in my knob, but I found I could do another wank if I waited half an hour or so. Like quite a lot of boys, I wanked several times most nights. As time went on, the pain I got if I went on after I'd cum got less, and I think that after my first circumcision, it went altogether.

You ask if it was on one side, or right through. It was right through, and deep down. As I said, it wasn't anything to do with my tight foreskin. And it wasn't on one side, like what you describe.

>I used to get a mild pain when wanking erect with the foreskin forward, and it is >somehow similar to the pain you describe, but I fear we're talking about >something like toothache, there's lots of different varieties. There are probably >lots and lots of guys, who have had different pains in their phallus, (and the most >are probably considered as psychosomatic), and most guys would never >mention such things, so it's pretty hard to start collecting any information, . .

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture