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terrible pain

I have a serious problem and i hope that you can help me.

I have a problem exactly as this first guy that posted in this article
http://www.male- initiation.net/library/anatomy/trauma.html
the article start with "My own symptoms started as the direct result of
excessively pulling backwards on the foreskin during erection"

I hope that you have the email address of this guy, i need to talk to him to
see if he found a solution to his problem.

I really appreciate your help, i am really in a terrible pain

Hi xxxx.
... I am the guy you want to speak with - I suspect that now 2 months after your letter, the pains will be getting milder, (or might have vanished?) anyhow, tell me more about the causes and symptoms -

hope everything is OK

Hi Robin
I still have pain in the right side of my penis, at the base, i think that the pain is not deep, its Superficial, i saw around 8 urologists without any help, i was planning to get married this year and i stoped it because of the pain, i don't know what to do else.

This young man jets around the world, and wanted me to ring him in Jerusalem then Singapor - He didnt read enough to realise it was my own story he was referring to and never told me anything of his own causes or symtoms ! - It is impossible to help others when i get no information - Please always give a detailed description of your own causes and symptoms - I cant be expected to invest more time and money helping rich people who dont even offer me any information !! - what a crazy world -

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture