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Sprain - frontal pressure - groin pain - no bend - not one sided

I have a situation I can't seem to find an answer for on the boards. In July of 1999, I was having sex with my girlfriend and I pushed my penis forward to far to try to re-enter her vagina. I felt a sharp tingle along with pain. Very similar to the feeling one gets when they sprain an ankle.

I continued to have severe pain in the groin area for a few months and saw a few doctors with my concern. All told me it was nothing to worry about and would subside in a few weeks.

The pain did subside towards the end of the summer, but it still lingers with an overall sore feeling. I have no noticeable bend in the penis. The last Urologist put me on Potaba and a cream called Verapimil. They think it is related to Peyronies, however nobody has been able to find a lump or calcium formation. So far, there has been no improvement at all. Just a dull lingering pain that is worse with intercourse or masturbation.

I wonder if I damaged a nerve and if there is some treatment available. I have a gut feeling the Peyronies diagnosis is wrong.

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture