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mild atypical wierd, tingling pain

Written by Chris at 20 Apr 2006 12:49:52:

First off, i'm very sorry for making this so long and if my description seems vague. It kinda hard to describe in words. Since sunday, I have a weird feeling/pain/tingle? in my penis, i'll try to descrbie best i can.

Started with a dull-like "pain"...was on and off over 2 days. Seems to be in the the left side of shaft, stopping before the head. I see no brusing/swellness or anything out of the ordinary by looking at it. It does not hurt in the pain area when I touch/press on it. In my mind, its sems like a vein hurts, if that makes any sense. A weird thing i noticed at first is when i laughed/yelled or did a heavy clearin of my throat, about 1-2 seconds later i'd like a quick sting/flick like pain/feeling on the side of my penis, but couldnt dertermine exactly where its location was, just on the left side. That has seemed to go away and i'm left with this tingle-type feeling. It always starts in the same spot, but its very difficult to determane exactly where. So far, no problems urinating or getting an erection. Its on and off..and during one of those off moments, (late mon night) I masturbated just to see if the pain would be associated with that and everything seemed fine. Yesterday (wed) I thought it was gone, everything seemed fine all day, then about 7pm, it came back. Today (thurs morning) as I write this, I woke up with a tingling sensation on the top/side of the shaft and in both legs...as if my leg was asleep or i hit my "funny bone", not a pain but a vibrating tingle type feeling. Sometimes there is some groin discomfort (like a pulled muscle) that comes with it, but goes away when the pain/tingle does.

So to sum it up again, dull-like pain/tingle on left side of penis, comes and goes thru out the day. Almost as if your foot or arm would be "asleep". No pain associated with urination/ejaculation. No noticable rash/discoloration/swelling/bruising. And the pain does not intensify when its touched in that area. Sometimes it shoots into groin/leg/testicle, but stays in same area of penis. It feels like its just below the skin sometimes.

As for the causes, i thought back right before it happend. On friday i had oral sex/hand job from my gf. Everything seemed normal, I had none of this dull pain during or after.
The next day (sat), during a nap, I was laying in a weird position and brought my leg up and my heel hit my left testicle..and of course that hurt like a bitch the rest of the day but by sunday morning, went away. And i've made that mistake a few times in my lifetime, so thought nothing of it. Then, sunday night is when the penis dullness/tingle sensation stared.

I didnt wanna rush to the doc. and jump the gun for nothing and fork out $$ for an unnecsary visit, so i decided to see if i could find anything online first. I quickly describe to a friend and his response was "a pinched nerve", if that is possible. I'm of course clueless, so ANY help/advice would be appreciated. I worry too much and i'm started to do that now. Thanx again for your time.


Written by Robin at 20 Apr 2006 20:25:08:

Hi Chris,

Ive read everything and thanks for a wonderful description, I wish I had descriptions like this all the time ... (even if Im still clueless at the end, :-) just one of these years maybe I or someone will be able to put 2 and 2 together and understand it all)

I am not a doctor or even an expert - Im just someone who hopes and keeps this forum going and has read a number of mens experiences - but I am blind - I need help to diagnose these problems

You say its a vein hurts - maybe you are right - but I think its a nerve - I can identify strongly with the shooting pain down the inside of the leg I get this and this is definately a nerve.

You say it doesnt seem connected with masturbation or erection ... but your balls are connected with this - so I wonder if it is wise to carry on or if you should take a complete rest for a few days or even weeks ...


What I suspect (and remeber Im just an internet loonie blind and with no clue) is that you have done something to a nerve - what I could suggest is a few weeks pause for everything to do with your balls and sex and sleeping in funny positions, and even any sport.

I would also suggest you go to a urologist or neurologist - because maybe yours is a simple case with a simple cause and treatment -

Sorry I dont think I can say much more. Keep in touch and please tell us if you find a solution to your questions and problems.

hope that helps



Written by Chris at 20 Apr 2006

thanx for the advice. the quick shooting pain when i cought/laugh seems to have gone away over the last few days. It really does feel like a pinched nerve. (since i've had them other places) but in my mind its always something serious. Gonna hit up the doc, .... and i plan on taking it easy. I'll followup with any results.


Hi Chris,

Hummm Im interested in how pinched nerves feel when they are in other places - Ive only ever had this one in my genitals ... and Im not even sure if its pinched or ripped or ?? -

There is an online urologist who would answer simple questions (and maybe yours is) I wasnt very impressed by his answer to someone with penis fracture - he said simply - see an urologist! - anyway take care



Written by Chris at 29 Apr 2006 23:28:23:

been to the doctor. He took a look at it, saw nothing out of the ordianary and said I prolly irritated a nerve...either in the penis or in the groin/leg and its just shooting to the penis. I really, really hope that is all it ends up being. A pinched nerve in other places (legs, back) is just a tingling sensation and feels like your leg is falling asleep or kinda like a tingling numbness.


Written by Robin at 04 May 2006

Hi Chris,

So you are hoping that a few weeks rest will relax the nerve and then everything gets better ... please keep us informed about the progress if you get better or worse (and I mean give a report as well in 6 months time). Thanks for keeping us informed so far, but men just drop out when they get better and leave us hanging without info.


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