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The following indicates a situation which is recognised among experts: as a result of muscular strain, a nerve trapped in the lower spine or hip can lead to one sided pain in the penis - experts will often perform an MRI and then give electro treatment.

weight lifting causing Groin pain/Erectile dysfunction

Written by Gary at 15 Feb 2006


I am 24yrs old and have had the same sexual partner for 4 years now. Within the last 6 months I have experienced groin pain in my left side and is causing an aching in my left testicle. I had been lifting weights 3-4 times a week, and have cut back with in the last couple months or so. I saw a doctor 3 months ago and he said to wear jockey underwear all the time and stop heavy lifting. He gave me an anti-inflamitory and said it was a high groin strain. I have also have had erectile dysfuntion throughout this time as well, and my girlfriend and I have had very limited sex due to this problem. I have been unable to sustain an erection if I have one as well. The pain becomes more persistance on long car rides and extending sitting time. Do you have any advise for me? Thanks.


Written by Robin at 15 Feb 2006

Hi Gary,

thanks for writing. You have obviously been doing a bit of research

I dont know if theres anything helpful which I can add. - I have heard
before of weight lifting causing pain in the testicles and penis. Why
on earth does this effect some men and not others? - it seems you must
take up a more flexible and gentle form of sport.

I am suprised about the jockey underwear, I dont quite understand but
jockey underpants sound like they strap you up tight, and Id have
thoguht it was far better to let the balls etc. hang freely.

Being unable to sustain an erection sounds like a problem with the
blood flow, so I dont understand how this ties in to the general

When you say sitting for long periods makes the pain stronger, then I
am inclined to think it may be a problem with the base of your spine,
I have heard of problems with the base of spine being the cause of
pains in the testicle - a specialist I saw thought this was common.

On that basis I would suggest a good massage specific on the base of
spine, using tiger balm or some other heat producing agent applied
directly to the base of spine, and then maybe to do this lying on your
right side, to relieve any pressure on the left ... and see if this
has any effect.

I suppose when I combine this about your spine with your need for a
gentle form of sport then you should take up tai chi or one of the
other gentle Chinese sport methods.

You should go to a Urologist rather than a normal doctor, (Im suprised
your doctor didnt refer you to one,)

Please tell me if ever you find out anything else about your
condition, ... I am just another sufferer who believes in helping each
other, and I know about 1% of the answers at present.



Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture