This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. My concern is the early prevention of phimosis. The late correction of adult phimosis was never my interest. My belief is that once the medical profession realise the need, they will develop hundreds of new methods of treatment which I cant even imagine ... Therefore treatment is purely an appendix on this site, however, because I have no specific bias, my research allowed a rare objective survey of the many posibilities.

This site offers detailed information on individual problem related treatment, often advising simple, cheap, minimal and specific surgery and time honoured solutions taken from traditional methods including partial circumcision, dorsal slit and frenular incision and tying. - (Links are given where appropriate to sites dealing with the modern solutions of preputial plasty and full-circumcision).

Supplementary file to Advice on Circumcision
The Anti Pro circumcision debate - address to anti-circers.
Should Boys be Routinely Circumcised or Not?


Some who have had this infant operation feel it is necessary to check circumcised boys as well as uncircumcised, however, none of the pro or anti circumcision sites cover the subject.

I feel I still do not know enough about the problems of a circumcised penis to be able to advise people on this...... and I would appreciate adults who have had problems as infant or adult, to inform me of the problems.

I hope the following will be helpful

Perhaps the first consideration is the pain of an often not anaesthetised operation, (which obviously a baby wont be consciously remembered, but babies are sensitive and they certainly experience this, and experiences form impressions and impressions develop into attitudes), so if you are determined that your baby has a routine infant circumcision, maybe you would like to ensure that the operator uses a local anaesthetic.

This operation is often performed carelessly, frequently by student doctors with no post operative check up - skin bridges are a common result.

The after effects of a burning soreness from a hyper sensitive glans for a few weeks are I believe ineviatable. Adult men commonly report a burning sensation from the newly exposed glans for the first month or two afterwards. Even with an expert operator or refined technique, one cannot avoid the resultant hyper sensitivity of the glans from a full circumcision when it has never previously been exposed..

In this context, childhood circumcision is frequently reported to leave the glans desensitivised - and in such cases we may imagine the glans and the nervous system has over compensated, resulting in a a numbness of the glans. ... If this is true, it would indicate that after being circumcised the infant suffers considerable pain from his burning naked and wounded penis.

One could use an anaesthetic cream to protect the glans. An alternative (experiment) may be using oil of cloves, possibly diluted with olive oil - anything to protect

Post Circumcision Conditions

i) frequently skin bridges which can restrict or be painful on the erect penis
ii) occasionally: no foreskin is available for the tension of a frenulum breve to displace - and this causes tension and erection deviation an e.mail letter - a medical report
iii) possibly: too much skin has been removed resulting in a tight erection.

Anthology of Examples
iv) A newly exposed glans could occasionally develop allergies.

How to Check
Though skin bridges and allergies could be diagnosed in the flaccid state, ii) and iii) would require the parent to use their eyes during their child`s bathtime erections.