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brutal honesty

Written by Robin at 10 Aug 2005 16:35:13:

As an answer to: Re: deleted letter - Dear Gustavo written by Gustavo at 09 Aug 2005 20:06:05:

Hi Gustavo,

well Im glad you like my honesty, sorry if Im a bit brutal, but the truth often is. :)

now, you are obviously getting the idea that we can delete messages. However about changing your name and altering postings, this is another batch of work which Im going to mildly complain about, ... I mean ...., was written and followed up. Gustavo is also going to be hard to change because its in the titles now, I mean then you are asking for a complete repost.

if there are a couple of small things, (like perhaps you filled out your email address or second name or links to a home site, then please send me an email, and please help organisation, ie. please give the message no. and what you want deleted, and I will try and get onto it next week. (my email address is on or in the moderators controls on ARCadmin forum

Yes, you have been blessed with Nick notifying you, Im afraid I like to see questioners doing a bit more work themselves, so you dont get no notification from me. So, as far as ANY discussion goes - then just keep tuned in to ARCgroup admin forum - and maybe in a few months time ... who knows

Take Care

>>When I have time, (and that is a big WHEN), I intend to repost it and answer it on another forum.
>When you do, *please* send me an email. I didn't see this reply for 19 days, because I didn't get notification. Also, I'd like to be further anonymized, if possible. At the moment, there is enough information on this thread to find out who I am on Google. I'd like to change my name or delete the bits about "philosophy ...", if it's not too much trouble.
>Thanks for your honesty. It's impressive that you've created such an important information source.