This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. During erection these conditions inhibit the relationship between foreskin and glans. This functionally restricts the erection, and thus has an effect on the sexuality. With our culture's attitudes on health care, it would be appropriate to encourage early prevention.

Jan 2021 : Please read the new summary.


I remember having erections around 12 years of age, and started masturbating then.

My first doubts emerged at secondary school, when boys used to talk and joke about masturbating. I could never understand the jokes, because I had to masturbate in a different way - I rubbed my glans through my foreskin with the palm of my hand.

I cannot remember when I realised what a foreskin was, and what it should do. But I remember that masturbating was sometimes painful. I could not do it when I wanted because I was hurting. Any pain experienced was short lived, however, and was cured by abstaining.

I think it was around 15 that I began to realise that my penis was not 'normal'. I used to avoid any chance that I could be seen naked. Physical education at school was a terrible time. My mind was always focused on keeping my penis hidden, but at the same time I wanted to see what other boys penises were like. All I wanted was a normal penis. I used to go to sleep and hope that by the time I woke up I would be normal.

At some point around 16 or 17, I decided that I could never have sex, so I could never marry, nor have children. My condition remained untreated until the age of 26.


And so to the great day when I was circumcised. What a feeling it was to see my shining glans. I thought that at last, I was a man. I could have sex. But hang on, where was all the youthful experimentation and the social skills. How could I ever find anyone who would put up with an emotionally retarded man of 26. It was at this point, that I realised the full effect of my years of suffering. As much as I had been affected by the physical pain, the emotional pain was far worse. I had suffered for nothing, and I was swamped with guilt and anger. Living in the UK, as you can imagine, I felt that a circumcised man was also a freak, so in many ways nothing had changed. I could not shake the feeling that I was different.

Years passed. I was still untouched, ..... at the age of 33, I lost my virginity. ... I have allowed the sexually inexperienced boy inside to grow up, and to complete his homosexual phase, and to proceed to a full heterosexual relationship. For the first time in my life I am secure in my sexuality.