This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. During erection these conditions inhibit the relationship between foreskin and glans. This functionally restricts the erection, and thus has an effect on the sexuality. With our culture's attitudes on health care, it would be appropriate to encourage early prevention.

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Dr. Frank Volta
D- 49744 Geeste-Gross Hesepe

Hello, that is the first time I saw your website, very interesting, indeed.

Well, I am 52 years old, a doctor (GP) with the same problem as young men, and so I think,that the problem is important. I am interested in your discussion in ARC, but unfotunately my English is very bad. Do you have discussions on German language?

Whats your intention in your researches? Are you studying medicine and is this your topic to get a doctors degree?

How did you get involved with this theme? (It is indeed high time that someone started studying it!)

Hi, Robin
thanks for your letter.

I had thought that I was the only one with this problem. In those days it was a psychodrama for me, I dont dare imagine what would have happened if I had had a less understanding girl friend, someone who perhaps just laughed me out. Perhaps I would have ended as an untouched bachelor.

I was among the young men, who were themselves not aware that they had a phimosis, as you have adequately described. The first time this became clear to me, was at the beginning of my medical studies, at the beginning of the course when we learnt anatomy In those days it had really bothered me and I postponed any correcture, the consequence of which was angst about sexual encounters and an extreme shyness.

It was first at age of 24 yrs. when I was deeply in love that I experienced all the obvious problems in bed.

In these years we lived in East-Germany, where the medical system was not the best, and I had to wait for the OP five months. I always thought, that the girl would not wait for me, nothing except petting was possible.

I had my op then with frenulum OP and dorsal incision. The cosmetic result was horrible, the ugliest you can imagine. All this have brought a lot of psychical problems for me.
Best wishes

>>I really ask myself, how it is possible to have cohabitation with a phimosis!

>It depends on the degree of phimosis, a pin-hole phimosis will hold the foreskin forward so penetration depends only on a bit of lubrication,

I remember, in all 27 years of being a doctor, I have had only one case of a man of about 45 years, where I found a phimosis at a routine- investigation and who refused a circumcision definitively.. I could not understand him, but maybe such "pin- hole - case".

Deutsch ursprung text
Wie bist Du auf dieses Thema verfallen? (Es wurde in der Tat Zeit, dass sich jemand dessen annimmt!)

Hi, Robin
danke fuer die Mail.

Deine Geschichte habe ich im Diary nachgelesen, war interessant. Und ich dachte schon, ich waere mit meinem Problem allein auf weiter Flur. Dennoch wars damals ein Psychotrauma fuer mich. Ich wage mir kaum vorzustellen, was passiert waere, wenn ich an ein weniger verstaendnisvolles Maedchen geraten waere, das mich vielleicht verlacht haette. Wahrscheinlich wuerde ich irgendwo als unberuehrter Junggeselle enden...

Nun zu meinen persönlichen Erfahrungen:
Ich zeehlte zu den jungen Menschen, die sich der Tatsache einer Phimose nicht bewusst waren, wie Du das ja auch mehrfach beschrieben hast. Erst mit Beginn des Studiums und der beim Medizinstudium am Anfang stehenden Anatomieunterweisungen wurde mir klar, welch Problem ich habe. Damals hat mich das schrecklich geniert,und ich habe die Korrektur vor mir hergeschoben, was natuerlich zur Angst vor sexuellen Begegnungen und zu einer uebergrossen Schüchternheit fuehrte.

Erst mit 24 Jahren habe ich mich richtig verliebt und bekam dann prompt die entsprechenden Probleme im Bett.

Den "Fall" kannst Du meinetwegen gern veroffentlichen und Dich auch auf mich beziehen. Wenn ich Dir sonstwie helfen kann, lass es mich im konkreten Fall bitte wissen.