This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. During erection these conditions inhibit the relationship between foreskin and glans. This functionally restricts the erection, and thus has an effect on the sexuality. With our culture's attitudes on health care, it would be appropriate to encourage early prevention.

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Hi Robin,
I have just found your website and found many answers to many questions I had for a long time. In particular it answered questions that I had after an incident last weekend. Here's my story ...

I often had pain when trying to fully retract my foreskin. I often wondered what to do about it but mostly ignored the problem. After all, when masturbating that didn't cause a problem, and when having sex with women I always had used condomes so far. Using condomes, the foreskin wouldn't retract that much and it caused no big problem.

With my new girlfriend we started having sex without condomes. It was not so easy in the beginning but somehow we managed. Then, last weekend it happened. Something ripped and there was a lot of blood. Not a very nice situation. It wasn't easy to get the bleeding to stop.

A little research on the web quickly got me to your website. After some reading I realized that what I have is a Frenulum Breve. Parts of it ripped last weekend and has healed since. But it loks like it still is there. I will therefore see a doctor and discuss what to do about it. I'm confident that I will do a Frenuloplasty and that it will solve my problem.

It was very helpful to realize that this is a well-known situation and very easy to correct. All this thanks to your website. Thank you!

What is still not clear to me is whether you are a doctor, a medical student or just someone who had similar problems and wants to share his experiences and findings. It would be nice to know to whom I talk about such personal matters !!

Hi Robin,

thanks for answering to my mail.

>So you also used condoms (condomes?) with the foreskin forward .
> congratulations! its a tricky business - did one ever spring off! -
> with me it did.
>May I presume it was difficult trying to penetrate because the foreskin
"got in the way"

Yeah, it did! Gee, here I am talking about this for the first time with a complete stranger and a couple things dawn on me! This is great! I never even realized that this could be connected! This did happen to me as well and sometimes I even had to give up penetrating ... :-( Very frustrating, for both of us! How did you solve this problem?

>Never had the experience myself but I've heard it quite a lot. Yes and
> often it rejoins again . . .

Well, it healed very quickly and I can't see anything anymore. But it is a very odd feeling to see the tip of your glans bleeding like crazy and not stopping. Also it didn't hurt at all (apart from the actual ripping), not really what I would have expected for such a sensitive part of the body!

> Frenulum Breve is common, but I'm sure I dont say its well known or
> even recognised, - by the way I know it'll sound crazy, but I have just
> found out that sexual disturbances due to frenulum breve is a far more
> acknowledged idea among vets as a problem concerning animals!

That's funny. Where did you find that out? Where did you find all this information anyway, if frenulum breve is so badly documented for humans?

(By reading all the medical studies on the subject since 1920)