This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. During erection these conditions inhibit the relationship between foreskin and glans. This functionally restricts the erection, and thus has an effect on the sexuality. With our culture's attitudes on health care, it would be appropriate to encourage early prevention.

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A woman who I've known several years told me her experience

When she was 16 (so round 1978 in Germany) she realised she wasn't normal - she had no vagina.

The doctors didn't want to operate and told her e.g. to wait till she had a boy friend .... it took ten years until she was finally operated at 26. She spent a couple of hours describing her feelings ... the lack of cultural understanding - the embarrassment -

Her story and feelings were very similar to a number of "our" stories, ... we searched in www and there is no site on this subject, MEDLINE has (curiously) only studies in French Italien and Spanish on the subject, about ten studies, it seems to be quite a rarity, ...

If anyone has any experience to share, write to me - I`ll pass on the letter