This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. During erection these conditions inhibit the relationship between foreskin and glans. This functionally restricts the erection, and thus has an effect on the sexuality. With our culture's attitudes on health care, it would be appropriate to encourage early prevention.

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Im writing you this from Norway so excuse my English.

I will tomorrow have an operation where they will remove my foreskin. I just found your website and I see that my problem are explained in detail in your Phimosis section.

Im an adult 30 years old and all my years I had problem with tight foreskin. I have never been able to retract and my penis look more like what you describe like an infant (dolphin nose). My phimotic ring is very small and tight. I think what you describe as a pinhole phimosis is a more correct description of my problem. I recognize eveything you write about full phimosis in detail, like "not being able to shake all the urine out, and the consequent wet trouser". But I have always been careful and never had any infections. And I had no pain when erected and masturbating, only a bit sore after erection.

You also wrote this:
"Throughout adolescence as behavioural patterns develop, youths grow accustomed to their condition, either believing themselves to be normal, or if they do recognise their phimosed status some men obviously grow to prefer it. Intercourse is possible though this depends on the degree of lubrication and openness of the vagina and the brutality of penetration"

Well I have never grow to prefer this, its always been a problem, and I have never been naked in front of girls because of this. Only fear have stopped me go to the doctors. So I wish I could have been normal but now I feel its too late and maybe the final result after tomorrow will be no sexual activity at all. Because of strong psychological problems I havent been visiting the doctors until this year. I never had any sexual activity other than masturbating .

Tomorrow the urologist will remove some part of the foreskin and I just hope he knows what he's doing. I am reading it now and hope to learn more about this but now the rest is up to the urologhist that will operate me tomorrow.


Thanks for your reply,

I havent had the operation yet because I didnt understand the
urologist, the only option he could help me with was full

So tomorrow I have a meeting with another urologist and I will ask him what he thinks about stretchimg the foreskin. I have talked to several people on ARC and they have similar problems like mine and they suggest I try to stretch and using creams. I dont think it can work with my pinhole phimosis but people tell me
that it will so I guess its worth a try.

But the urologist I meet tomorrow will maybe ask me to have a partial
circumcision and I will maybe accept that. I just wish I knew about the other threatments when I was younger, I never believed it was possible to stretch foreskins like that. I never felt normal like other young people when I grew up.
And I was hiding away from any sexual activity. So I will be happy the day I feel normal like anyone else.


Finally I meet a urologist with some sense, I was reliefed when he
told me he would not remove alot of the foreskin and he knew that in
my case with full phimosis since birth a complete circumcision would
only lead to severe problems for me.

RS. This does sound very good its not often thaqt I hear this from the
doctors, and did the cut go OK anatomically and how does it feel
sexually different?

give us a call in a couple of years, be patient , changes take time, good luck ...


Thanks for your reply! You have been really helpful.

Its been 5 months since the surgery and Im feeling ok.

Which means that masturbation is no longer painful.  
Still after following your and other advices (vitamin E cremes, baby
powder on head) the penis head is still very sensitive. I can touch
it without pain when erected but when I try to rub it with my fingers
its terrible feeling and ofcourse during sexual contact its not a
good feeling.

Telling you this if the urologist had performed a full
circumcision my life would have been hell, the pain when the foreskin
not protecting the head and trousers rubbing against it is very

Sorry bout my english.