This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. During erection these conditions inhibit the relationship between foreskin and glans. This functionally restricts the erection, and thus has an effect on the sexuality. With our culture's attitudes on health care, it would be appropriate to encourage early prevention.

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>hello there!
>i'm 25 and i was recently circumcised because i had a forskin that was
>non retractable(phimosis?) .it was only during the procedure that the
>urologist discovered that the forskin was attached to the glands about
>half way i'm left with a half circumcision! the urologist told
>me that its impossible to cut the forskin away from the glands as its
>stuck like question to you is,is this true or are there methods
>to take care of this? should i get a second opinion?your response would
>be greatly appriciated as i have been having a hard time dealing with
>this!!it seems to me that if you could give somone a face lift you must
>be able to do this? perhaps a plastic surgeon?

> by the way i'm living in france at the moment (nice)so if you have
>any urologists to recommend that would be great.
> thanx

your description sounds crazy, from your description I do not believe this urologist knows what he^s talking about ... but then I also have no clear idea of what the problem is, ... Hummmm ... is the foreskin like this from birth, is it a true congenital deformity? ... (I doubt it and I^m sure even in this case a plastic surgeon could cure it) .. what I tend to suspect and the easiest most normal explanation - is that the infant adhesions have for some reason stuck together like skin bridges, ...

you should read

is there a hollow space under the remaining foreskin (possibly just behind the glans), or is it tightly bonded to glans and penis with no possible movement?

you should definitely get a second opinion (sorry no idea of doctors in France except for Brittany)

> thanx for your response!!
yes well its sort of hard to discribe but basically the forskin has bonded with the glans around the entier edge of the glans.there is about a 1/4 of an inch of skin left covering the rest of the glans.i'm not sure if there is movement?

the urologist said that when he tried to cut the skin away from the head that it started to bleed alot so he stopped.he also said that it could be dangerous if the glans were cut this true?

wish i could send you a picture.i hope maybe i have made it more clear!just try and imagine that the remaining forskin is attached to the rim of the head all that the skin is actually closer to the tip on the bottom side ,covering the frenelum breve,than the top! please send your advice as i would love to have this corrected!

>could be dangerous if the glans were cut this true?

yes cutting the glans is very bad

>wish i could send you a picture.

send me one maybe I can help more but I««ve said all I can

>i hope maybe i have made it more
>clear!just try and imagine that the remaining forskin is attached to
>the rim of the head all that the skin is actually closer to
>the tip on the bottom side ,covering the frenelum breve,than the top!

do you realise this is normal, the glans is "shorter" underneath, ..

I feel sure there must be a treatment and a way to cut the adhesive layer that sticks the foreskin to the glans, but it is not a normal urological job, ... I feel the cosmetic surgeon may have a sure enough hand to attempt this sort of cut ... I imagine it would cost something, or you could try fighting it through on NHS but it would be easier if you are rich, ... there is a Dr. Cuckow in London who specialises in foreskin surgery, but he asks 125 pounds for the consultation and 1,200 for plastic remoulding the foreskin, hell knows how much yours would cost ...

I think you`ve gotta go very slowly, gather information, find a doctor with a sure enough hand to cut confidently without damage to the glans, (Urologists are only trained in minor surgery)

... maybe something else will occur to me, so tell me further developments.