This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. During erection these conditions inhibit the relationship between foreskin and glans. This functionally restricts the erection, and thus has an effect on the sexuality. With our culture's attitudes on health care, it would be appropriate to encourage early prevention.

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There appear to be only two positions in the male circumcision argument. For and against. Here is a third perspective.

The essay "From Innocence to Innocence", demonstrates the importance of checking every uncircumcised or intact boy, for adhesions, phimosis and the frenulum breve, before puberty. When erect these conditions restrict the relationship between the foreskin and the glans. This often causes pain and other problems during puberty.

Due to the difficulties experienced when attempting to retract his foreskin, a boy may believe this act to be unnatural. As a young man he may encounter problems when making love, alternatively he may enter adulthood adapting to this unconscious anatomical restriction.

It appears that in many countries there are absolutely no checks made previous to puberty. The difficulties which inevitably arise are always treated after they have started causing problems, instead of being prevented in good time.

Robin Stuart

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