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Sharp Pain in Scrotum after quick movement, resulting in dysfunction

Thank you very much for your words of personal support. it is often overlooked, and from a woman means a lot to me. sincerely Rob Stuart


I am writing to tell you of the pain my husband has.

First of all he is a very proud 39 year old Southern man who refuses to go to the doctor on this subject so has chosen to put us both through this horror!

About a year ago, while having sex; my husband experienced a very sharp pain in his scrotum. It was so sharp it brought tears to his eyes. He moved quickly and held himself for a moment and then tried to continue but his erection fell.

He says he has the pain often and we've only had sex a few times since then. My prior statement may have seemed selfish when I said he has chosen to put us both through this horror, however it wasn't meant to sound selfish. To me, it isn't about sex. We've always had a fabulous sex life. Sex is a very strong and real part of both our lives.

But why it is a horror to me is that I love him! I can't stand to see him in pain! I can't stand to see him let his pride get in the way of his health. Women are subjected to humiliating examinations all the time. Why is it that men feel that they should be immune to this?

I hope this in some way can help you with your research. I was surfing the web trying to find an answer to help him myself and stumbled across your site. You are a very brave and secure man to have been able to create such a site.

I applaud you and wish you healing.

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture