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This very open letter describes a typical fracture, with bleeding and a "crack" but without pain. I suspect it has self cured within a week or so.

Self-inflicted typical fracture

Robin Stuart,
I have a serious question and in reading your site I would like feedback ASAP on my condition. I will be open with it. when I have an erection, my penis normally curves down. I didn't like this so I kept using my hands to "bend it back up."

Unfortunately, I applied too much pressure in one area and I heard a "crack." My penis begin to fill with I believe blood and enlarged a bit. This happened on the right side of my penis, however, the left side was still erect or "hard." The right side broke down and filled with blood.

It does not hurt at all but I am concerned because I do not want to lose my erection. Should I go to the hospital? It is swollen now but does not hurt.

What should I do? I'm worried. Sincerely,

Penile Nerve Injury SITE INDEX Atypical Penis Fracture