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Re: phimosis: my story and questions

Written by Will - UK at 25 Jun 2005 20:30:28:

As an answer to: Re: phimosis: my story and questions written by Gustavo at 25 Jun 2005 15:14:44:

>The hypothesis that the phimotic ring is composed of dead skin cells
>seems very interesting. Is it your own idea? Has it been proven?

In reality, this "phimotic ring" is the preputial sphincter, a structure which is supposed to be present on all males. It's function is to hold the foreskin in the forward position, thus protecting the glans penis. The naturally occuring state of a male neonate is to come from the womb with phimosis, preventing contaminants from getting under the prepuce or foreskin. Boys are supposed to have phimosis and it's the rare infant with a naturally retractable foreskin - almost a birth defect just as no foreskin (apostia) is a medical birth defect, noted and listed on the birth records.

Boys have no need to retract their foreskin and informed doctors now realize that there is no "Time frame" on which a foreskin should retract. Years ago, in error, the opinion was that foreskins should be retractable by age 5. Indeed, humans are the only mamals in creation which seem obsessed with retracting foreskins and preputial hygiene. The vast majority of boys who have phimosis, even into thewir late teens and early 20's do so quite happy with things as they are, and without any problems at all. Generally, the only "problem" they have is when someone tells them their penis is broken, or they see a retracted foreskin and think something is wrong with theirs because it doesn't - the penis which all these years has been working to their staisfaction.

>I've read that most babies' foreskins are not normally retractable. Is
>this simply due to adhesions? I had thought that phimosis was defined
>as the non-retractability of the foreskin.

At birth, the prepuce and glans penis are naturally fused together just as a baby girl's genitalia are not completely developed. Generally, these adhesions separate in their own good time and without any pain to the boy, often just by the process of his handling his penis. These adhesions are not the primary reason for phimosis, that rests with the prputial sphincter whose structure flows into what are known as the ridged bands, all working together to keep the foreskin in the forward position. The boy (and male) with a foreskin knows that his foreskin is meant to be forward, it's the circumcised male, on discovering an uncircumcised penis, who is obsessed with imediately pulling the owner's foreskin back.

>I wonder if I have frenulum breve...

The purpose of the frenulum is to return the foreskin to its forward position over the glans. Having a frenulum which does that isn't abnormal, but having one that doesn't is. The truth is that there are all sorts of frenulum variations, long ones, short ones, thick ones and thin ones, and some with no ones ;-) It's the same with foreskins... and noses, and hair lines, and eyes and ears, etc., the difference isn't a fault, it's just the difference or naturally occuring variation. It's just that some medical types want to decide what is normal and right and the rest of humanity is wrong.

>Ok. But besides the cream, I would need a technique for stretching and
>a lot of time on my hands.
>My idea was simply to do the stretching hands-free... perhaps by a
>tiny inflatable balloon would help??

Chinese doctors have used a technique where they drip some anesthesia into the prputial sphincter and then introduce a balloon like device similar to a folly urinary catheter to expand the foreskin opening.

In reality, just as Nick indicated, using the steroid cream is your best bet and will produce very good results. If your foreskin is still tight, then it is almost 100% due to the fact that you've never asked it to stretch as you grew up. Foreskins generally stretch for boys when a boy plays with himself. However, some boys find that if they pull their foreskin back it hurts, or touch the glans and find it's too intense, and consequently, their penis play carefully avoids any retraction or touching of the glans. Later tight foreskins generally are found on boys whose wanking technique is to stroke their foreskin out, away from their body, whilst having a toss. I suspect that's your technique.

As you've already found out, regardless of whether someone else thinks your penis broken, you know that it has done everything well that you've asked of it. You can pee, wank, and have intercourse, and on the way it's been trouble free. You use a bit of lube on penetration, bu then, that's what the majority of circumcised boys have to do too.

If you've now set your heart on having it retract, use the cream everyday and use every opportunity to put your foreskin in the stretch, i.e. each time whilst having a pee, pull it back untill you feel real tension, in the bath or shower, pull it back as far as possible and hold it in the stretch. Whilst having a wank, alternate stroking forward with a stroke back as far as possible and hold it there. As you found out years ago, playing with your willy is quite enjoyable and this will make for happy labours! It won't be long till you've put yourself right - if that's what you want for your penis and its foreskin.


Home Site: The Origins and Consequences of a Taboo
Phimosis, Frenulum breve, Adhesions and their relationship to Male Initiation and Identity