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Re: phimosis: my story and questions

Written by Gustavo at 25 Jun 2005 15:14:44:

As an answer to: Re: phimosis: my story and questions written by Nick at 23 Jun 2005 21:46:33:

The hypothesis that the phimotic ring is composed of dead skin cells
seems very interesting. Is it your own idea? Has it been proven?

> Indeed not all babies are born with phimosis, fortunately. It is believed
> that around 1 in 10 males may suffer with phimosis at some time.

I've read that most babies' foreskins are not normally retractable. Is
this simply due to adhesions? I had thought that phimosis was defined
as the non-retractability of the foreskin.

> Additionally phimosis is often present with Frenulum
> Breve which is known to cause pain and difficulty. Males who suffer from
> both conditions are normally inhibited sexually.

I wonder if I have frenulum breve...

> I am concerned when anyone enquires about a 'tool' for stretching a
> foreskin. These tools are no more effective than stretching without and they
> may cause more damage to a very sensitive area of the anatomy. If you wish
> to try stretching the use of a steroid cream would be much more appropriate.
> Be advised to steer clear of these so called 'quick fix' tools.

Ok. But besides the cream, I would need a technique for stretching and
a lot of time on my hands.
My idea was simply to do the stretching hands-free... perhaps by a
tiny inflatable balloon would help??