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Re: deleted letter - Dear Gustavo

Written by Robin at 20 Jul 2005 18:46:36:

As an answer to: Re: deleted letter - Dear Gustavo written by Gustavo at 29 Jun 2005 20:03:00:

Dear Gustavo,

You wish I had left Will's letter on line so you could hear all sides of the story. Well the anti circ side is propounded on the anti circ. sites, and as I suggested, you could and should go there to discuss such matters.

This is an unbiased help forum, if I allow such biased misinformation to remain on view or to be encouraged by allowing a discussion to develop between a beginner and an anti circer, then it would never stop! it would seriously endanger our work here. There are so many fanatical anti circers and anti circ sites around.

When I have time, (and that is a big WHEN), I intend to repost it and answer it on another forum.

balanitis is also called BXO and also called LSA = lichen schlerosus athrophicus (these 2 names are the official medical terminology for the same thing) - so presumably this develops to a lichenoid type ring, not a fibrotic. I am not aware of definitive research on this, but this would seem logical.

But I am really unwilling to get led into such discussions.

Nick and I are new on this part of the project, and we have enough far more important demands on our time, (or I certainly have). Its true this would be different if I was getting paid, but after a few thousand unpaid help letters Im unwilling to make exceptions. I expect the questioner to show he has done the groundwork himself and read all relevant html files. A lot of your questions can only be answered speculatively, and simply lead to further questions, I would only discuss with someone who understands the basics.

Im also someone who writes carefully (or tries to - except when under pressure) and your last question about how to stretch, - well, please refer to my posting - it is clear to see from the quotation marks where I am quoting from someone else and where I myself am suggesting something. As I have told you, that I have not studied your specific condition, then you shouldnt listen to me at all :):) My advice can only be generalised please see for detailed information.

I am disinclined to answer further, not only does any answer make extra work for Nick, who must then read my answer to develop an overview of the situation, but also as there are only two of us, to have both of us answering to your questions is excessive.

Thanks and good luck