The concept that an anatomical deficiency in the erection can influence the sexuality appears to contradict every advance in understanding which our culture has made over the last century. - Psychological research has concentrated on parental and environmental phenomenon, and the urological disciplines do not include sexual behaviour. Scientific research has overlooked this area of human sexuality.

If he imagines he is a sexually efficient male, only an inexperienced woman (or a man with a similar condition) could confirm his belief. As situations and lovers are repeatedly mis-sensed, and he himself is misunderstood, his disoriented sexual identity is accepted and confirmed by himself and others.

The inhibition leads to impressions and reactions which our culture interprets exclusively in terms of childhood psychological problems. An attempt to come to terms with his sexuality will usually lead the sufferer to misunderstand himself in terms of classical psychology, and then even attempt to confront his situation purely on an environmental or parental level, - making his situation infinitely worse.

Against a background of nervousness or disturbances from nature or upbringing, any specific anatomically based disturbance would be unnoticeable. [Therapists should be aware that even if environmental problems appear to predominate, a short conversation to confirm the patient is aware of foreskin retraction will eliminate the possibility of this extra hidden complication. Please see. The responsibility of direct questioning from the sexual therapist].
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