The concept that an anatomical deficiency in the erection can influence the sexuality appears to contradict every advance in understanding which our culture has made over the last century. - Psychological research has concentrated on parental and environmental phenomenon, and the urological disciplines do not include sexual behaviour. Scientific research has overlooked this area of human sexuality.

The Blind Spot

It is clear with frenulum breve [passages to manhood, Grewel], as with phimosis, [ Porst, Alexander, Osmond, Parkash, etc.] that at times the men themselves are quite unaware of their conditions.

Physically a short frenulum is awkwardly hidden underneath and behind the foreskin. Especially when erect the difficulty is totally hidden and to discover the cause of the problem involves the sufferer in movements which for him, are unnatural contortions: - pulling the foreskin backwards, enduring the tension, then turning the phallus sidewards.

Men with severe phimosis often never experience any pain, they simply find retraction impossible. On the other hand relative phimosis is invisible when flaccid. Clemmensen wrote "The lesion usually affects the inner blade of the prepuce, leaving for direct examination only a nonretractable prepuce ... ." (94)
All the possible problems exist between the glans and inner foreskin. These conditions are physically quite simply difficult to see.

There is an area of his own intimate sexual world which a man with these conditions either can't explore or is difficult to explore. His experience is that the foreskin is designed to remain forward, or that his glans is only revealed when flaccid. Retracting the foreskin appears to be and for him personally is, an unnatural act.

Most boys in all cultures are curious to compare their genitals. Any boy with any form of sexual inhibition does not look at or admire his penis as much as he would without this inhibition. He is not as aware of himself and in turn he is not as interested generally in comparison or in pictures, information or education about the male phallus (especially relevant in those countries without any public info.).

He believes that all uncircumcised men cannot reveal their naked glans and interprets pictures of the retracted foreskin as belonging to circumcised men. Hearing he has a "glans", he often understands "glands" are always some sort of secret essence.
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