This site discusses phimosis in its specific forms of phimotic ring, frenulum breve, adhesions or skinbridges. During erection these conditions inhibit the relationship between foreskin and glans. This functionally restricts the erection, and thus has an effect on the sexuality. With our culture's attitudes on health care, it would be appropriate to encourage early prevention.

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This is a short version - it is a good introduction. But then please read the original full story - its about ten times longer - but to get the depth from two perspectives - thats the best way

At the beginning of puberty when I first started masturbating I did this in the flaccid state (ie. without erection) till ejaculation. At night, I would half-wake from deep sleep with an erection and without even thinking I would quell it and then go back to sleep. Erections were possible but somehow they just didn`t interest me.

I was open enough emotionally to enjoy a number of intimate affairs and to fall in love fairly often. And here, though penetration was often difficult, I enjoyed every moment of intimacy. One remarkable symptom was that no girl-friend could touch my erect penis, well, all except one and she pulled forward on the foreskin, - when she tried to hold the phallus I lost my erection, she was disappointed and I had to explain, as always, "Yeah that always happens". Over the years my sexual appetite became more amd more limited, distanced (voyeuristic) and frustrated, and still when alone, embarrassingly, the most enjoyable way of masturbating was in the flaccid state.

I went through several long periods of questioning my behaviour. I generally did this from the standpoint of our cultures usual understanding that such behavioural patterns are due to early environment and upbringing. Psychologists confirmed this approach. I questioned every possible situation. My behaviour was most certainly all mixed up with repressive patterns from my parents (as could be expected in any integrated personality), but generally I could "forgive" my parents because even if they had supposedly undermined my sexuality they had given me enough emotional health to build relationships, trust, fall in love and surely this was more than most young men and should have given me ample opportunity to re-learn.

At 43 (In 1994) I`d questioned everything which seemed possible or logical and decided quite rationally to consider impossible questions. I believed my anatomical equipment was normal, as every self respecting male believes but nevertheless, I asked the ridiculous question: could it be anything anatomical?

During the examination of my erection I pulled back the foreskin and it sprang forward again as it always had, I scientifically continued to experiment - pulling back even further, and noticed first a white ring, when I saw how the glans was being pulled at an angle I was still unsure if this was normal! Then suddenly I remembered the first time I`d retracted my foreskin at the beginning of puberty: first releasing the painful adhesive layer between the glans and foreskin, then the phimotic ring scraping over the previously unexposed glans and latching behind the glans for a brief moment before the foreskin was catapaulted forward by the frenulum breve - I had grasped myself in horror scared that I had damaged my future manhood for ever. I had learnt without any shadow of doubt, that my foreskin was not meant to be retracted.

I had adapted to love making always holding the foreskin forward and controlling the size of my erection. (it is generally thought that men cannot control the size of their erection, the fear of pain can obviously exert a stronger influence). Those times when I did masturbate with an erection, I repeatedly made quick pulls at the end of the foreskin to keep it forward, this happened as a continuation of the forward movement during masturbation and I was only dimly aware of the habit.


How embarrassing! - I myself felt amazed that I hadn`t discovered my curious condition earlier - I felt like a joke figure. I was frequently asked: "Why did it take you so long to discover?" I was stumped, it was so obvious to me, yet so hard to explain in words : now I can explain it : the subconscious impression of pain before puberty, the conscious but repressed experience at puberty, confirmed by every experience in adolescent and adult life ... people avoid pain ... people develop habits.

It often takes a long time for anyone and everyone to discover things, and this happens with lots of people in lots of different walks of life, even when there is adequate available information ... and often the answers are obvious (e.g. the earth goes round the sun) but first, someone needed to ask the right question.

After the operation I could enjoy full erections for the first time and my erection was 2 cm longer than previously. I masturbated only erect and had no interest in doing it flaccid for the next six months, long after the secondary injury.

On around the 20th. full erection an intensive pain shot through one side of my erect penis ... Urologists had no idea what it was and when hearing the sexual effects of my previous condition diagnosed psychosomatic causes. The pain continued, I was traumatised and it took several years of research to find similar cases in the medical literature and internet. It seems a great rarity and a nerve must be ripped or trapped.

And thus I developed a second reason to get involved with the impolite subject of male genital pain.

This is my experience: Robin Stuart - the author of this site

My original far more detailed chronological Diary is about 10 times longer
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