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Penis Fracture, Nerve Trauma
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Re: Nerve Trauma

Written by Robin at 09 Mar 2006 18:35:04:

As an answer to: Nerve Trauma written by Toc at 09 Mar 2006 18:34:06:

Dear Toc,

Sorry mate but I only know the questions, I dont know any answers. It
really is a case of the blind leading the blind.

One optimistic thought is that at least the blind can contact the
blind these days with www. I often wonder how it was even 20 yrs. ago,
my God to be left feeling totally alone with this problem, and then
questioning myself on if Im imagining it I think Id have gone crazy.
And men with our problem must have been going crazy for all the last
centuries. I am very thankful to www --- I have had pages up on this
subject since around 8 yrs. - about a year ago I put up a new format
and opened the forum, at present Im getting around one letter every
week from someone with a similar problem ...

I will anonymise this letter and also post it on the forum, I cant see
any other way except to make the need known publically. (my
disclaimers quite clear on this point)

I have a very similar problem to you, with bending, weak erection, I
do feel sexual when I ejaculate, but usually it is without having an
erection ... I had my injury ten yrs. ago, I gave up with the doctors
after the first 5 yrs.

From your letter I really dont understand how it started. You say "It
all started when... After an intense bout of masturbation, I
ejaculated, but immediately after so much experienced i stop it
gradually." - what the hell does this mean? "but immediately after so
much experienced i stop it gradually."

The bending and the failure of erection indicates to me that you have
had an atypical penis fracture - but I dont know how this could have
happened to you. I often hear of this sort of problem after intense
masturbation or an excessively large erection.

The only advice I can give which might in some cases help, is with complete
abstinence the self healing processes may start working ...

Im afraid I just dont know the solution to the problem - and at 23
yrs. old it is a greater problem than with 53 yrs. - Id be happy to
consider with you how to live with it ... if you want to discuss this
... But also here I have no good solutions, its very frustrating I
realise this, and if you want to tell me your thoughts - you are welcome.

sorry, wish I could help more, at least you know you are not alone,
and that might help a bit. I can only add that someday I am hoping
something may come of a collection of "us" on the forum.

If you request, I could also put you on a mailing list should I ever
learn anything about what the hell it is and how to cure it.



>Dear Robin,
>Your website is the first place in the world where I see my probem is written. I have seen many doctors and they all seem to be confused. I REGRETABLY HAVE EXPERIRNCED THIS NERVE TRAUMA MENTIONED MORE THAN 3 YEARS AGO! It has ruined my sex life since. i was 20 when it happened. Now I'm 23 and I don't know what to do.
>It all started when... After an intense bout of masturbation, I ejaculated, but immediately after so much experienced i stop it gradually. Now i don't have anymore strong erection but I have lost all sexual sunsitivity. It is really awful because I can ejaculate but not feel anything sexual at all. I seldom get erections. My penis has started to curve to the left and doctors cannot say what is wrong. PLEASE, since you have mentioned on the website, do you know what i will do. I would be grateful to you forever if you can help me...
>Thanks for your time.
>Best regards,


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