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Re: Trauma, venus leak - Inability to get full erection and maintaining it...

Written by Robin at 13 Apr 2006 19:31:06:

As an answer to: Re: Trauma, venus leak - Inability to get full erection and maintaining it... written by Mads at 11 Apr 2006 15:18:17:

Hi Mads,

Im afraid I am still as dumb as I was when you wrote last in November, ... the medical studies are just over my head, I can hardly understand a word.

Lets start with a few reflections. As far as I know it is impossible to check venous leakage with ultra sound scans, I dont understand how they can do this ... the second check you mention you call x-ray, but I think this will be a cavernosography, and this can test the venous flow.

Which country do you come from? which country do you have to go to for the examination? (do you mean county?)

I am really lost with most of the questions which come onto this board - all I can do is keep going and hoping the communication will get somewhere in the end. And I know research is moving fast in this area, even though I dont understand the studies, other men must be complaining otherwise the docs wouldnt bother doing so many new studies. - it is however still a rarity, and individual doctors arent up to date with all the latest research (and we cant expect them to be).

If your problem was a nerve I think you would be complaining of pain. Maybe some muscle was damaged or simply the tissue ... but I am guessing totally, I dont understand the anatomy of the penis area.

Ah yes thats a bit of good advice I can give - stay clear of the psychological problem - you can clearly relate the start of the problem to getting beaten up ... dont let yourself get confused - some doctors when they run out of physical ideas, they automatically start on the psychological track ... forget it!

I would still be interested and would find it helpful for a diagnosis if we knew how you reacted to viagra cialis etc. ... and Im suprised your doctors havent suggested this.

sorry dont think theres much more I can say.

I include underneath a few notes which Ive started posting with every letter on this forum.

good luck



One optimistic thought is that at least we can contact each other these days with www. I often wonder how it was even 20 yrs. ago, my God to be left feeling totally alone with this problem, and then questioning myself on if Im imagining it all - I think Id have gone crazy. And men with our problem must have been going crazy throughout the last
centuries. I am very thankful to www


I feel we need an index of all the penis fracture sites and erectile dysfunction - impotence resources etc. online. But, Im NOT online at home - I dont have the possibility to do internet research - Please leave links and comments on other www addresses which deal with these subjects - so that an index or network of relevant "impotence - erectile dysfunction" pages can be developed.

Actually I feel what we need is a student Urologist to answer letters on the forum. Students have time to research, and a last year student doing a special research on this subject would be ideal - they are always looking for new subjects to write diploma work.

Id love someone to spend a couple of hours using their "worry" energy positively to google for medical universities (esp. Urology dept.) and collect 50 or even 20 e mail addresses, and post the addresses on the forum, ... and then I can send out spam like invitations to help the research ...

>Hi Robin,
>I recently had a ultra-sound scan carried out - the report was a normal or above average blood flow to the penis. Amazing, but yet horrifying, cause it makes me more frustrated. Furthermore, this test revealed that there was no sign of a venous leakage. This came as a surprise and I was relieved, but in fact it makes me wonder what my problem is. My doctor wants to go in the direction of a "psychological problem", but that doesen't do it for me. I'm keen on having "normal" sex and I still have problems getting an erection even by myself.
>During the same period of the beating, I was applying some very heavy cream to treat a wart behind the penis head. I was sexually active, and I know for a fact that my skin behind the penis fractured quite severly. The thing is, that I don't know if this trickered the sting-like vein or artery or if it was the beating (blow to the pelvic region). The ultra sound test seems to confirm that the beating had nothing to do with this.
>I also notice that I don't have that much sensitivity behind the penis head, where the fracture of the scin appeared almost two years ago. Could I possibly have injured some nerves?
>The next step is to get an x-ray (forgot the name of the test), which is not commonly done (have to travel to another country, which I'm more than willing to do).
>What is your view on all this? I can say that I some times experience normal erections, but never when I need it. Also, I never get an erection during the day by it self. I think that I occasionally wake up with an erection, but that's all.
>Seeing some of the other posters, I feel that there might be many in my boat. Being 26 years of age, this is frustrating as hell.
>Looking forward to your comments.
>Best regards,


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