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anaesthetic cream - only thing which helped me

Written by Robin at 11 May 2006 17:42:31:

As an answer to: Re: Hurt it, now worse written by stevo at 29 Apr 2006 16:46:52:

hello Stevo,

The first thing which may be important for you, is during the first 6 months when my pain was most intensive, the only relief I could find was lying on my back with my knees up and resting knees together (this takes pressure off the groin area) - and smearing the area full with anaesthetic cream.

This turned the intense pain into a dull pain and I was able to then relax a little. Pain killers and nothing else stopped the pain you must get aneasthetic cream from your doctor.

Now, I should have told you this when you first wrote, and there are probably a number of other things which a professional or organised forum (or doctor) should tell you, but this forum is simply not profi or very organised.

Maybe my first response was too light hearted ... you know sometimes I get quite involved with the men who come to this forum, I think about them over the week, and then they dont come back to tell me how they are, and thats just an energy drain.

I think Id like you to understand a few things about me and my experience. I think if you can identify with me (as I do with you) then it wont feel quite as bad, and maybe you could avoid some of the mistakes I made.

The first 6 months were very intensly painful and I was hysterical, I couldnt think about anything else except this constant pain - it was hell - naturally all my frindships suffered because people couldnt understand what I was experiencing and couldnt help anyway - so I lost friends - and over the years have lost even more. I lost work because Im self employed and just couldnt concentrate on working.

Back then I thought I was the only person in the world who had this problem, I put all my energy into the problem, but doctors were useless and then it took about 4 years till someone wrote through internet and I realised I wasnt alone.

We appear to have a lot of similarities with our symptoms, please read my account (on the home page, top link “Rob Stuart site owner”).

Please describe your pains as accurately as possible. Mine were most like toothache. In the first 6 months it was all over the groin area. Now 12 yrs. later I can identify the pain comes from the right side behind the pubic bone, where this connects with the thin inside leg bone (I dont even know the correct names) and this shoots out and radiates out especially in the right testicle

Life has changed - I have to take small steps, I cant stride out or run like I used to. Life became a fight, and it still is, Im exhausted, I am totally worn out after 12 years, the stress led to tinitus and more stress and losing my flat and I live now in a broken down “garden house” with leaks in the roof, and I am impoverished, - one thing has led to another and I maintain that none of this would have happened if I hadnt had the penis trauma. And also I am intensly angry with the cliches I keep hearing from people about men worrying about their penis.

I dont know if maybe this could help as a warning so that this doesnt happen to you. The point is, try and remember other people have problems, even though they might seem pathetic in comparison, but think about people with cancer or born deaf, dumb and disabled, try and get yourself in perspective with the rest of the world and other people – otherwise you might lose touch with reality (as much as I did) and just get lost in your own anger hysterics and pain (and Im sure Im writing this to remind myself as much as telling you).

I try and do the best I can, and an important part of that is to keep this forum going. Im not online at home, so its not just a matter of logging in casually when I feel like it. Regularly, once a week, I come to someones house and use their broadband (no money for internet cafes) I feel I MUST do this Thursday evening session.

I keep hoping that others will come and join in and help me and also support me - I hope others with our problems will have bookmarked this forum and be looking in from time to time - Id love others to start answering each others letters.

So, Im exhausted, and really at the end of my nerves, but I keep doing this forum - I suppose it is an investment - Im happy to talk with others with these problems, because I cant do any more alone. I have read through the medical studies - been through the doctors - and there is no other hope I have except that at some point I hope I get a bit of support back (apart from just the simple identity of knowing Im not alone with this problem) and I keep hoping that with a group we can develop our thinking - and maybe even find a cause and cure for the problems ... Im pretty sure I cant do anything more alone ...

I could say a lot more but really dont know if this sort of “advice” is appropriate or any use to you, so tell me.

Previous to internet, men just didnt talk about their male anatomy or problems with it, this was just “bad taste” ... and I think this is part of the problem we are facing: The men in previous generations have not talked. Our cases or similar are unreported in the medical literature - the individual doctors who were confronted with this rarity, probably always considered it as psychosomatic. My trauma was frequently assessed in this way by doctors.

Dont know about you but I find practically all the reports on this forum to be believable and actual and not psychosomatic.

Maybe Im wrong about you, maybe after a few weeks abstinence you will recover - lets hope so -.

In my opinion and experience I say please get some anaesthetic cream lie down and try and relax what I imagine are your near hysterical feelings.

I wish really all the best



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