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Re: Hurt it, now worse

Written by Robin at 25 May 2006 19:11:24:

As an answer to: Re: Hurt it, now worse written by Stevo at 23 May 2006 05:52:29:

Hi Stevo,

Im glad you wrote back, and prolifically - 4 times! - I am actually completely lost now on our thread so I hope you will come to the "recent messages" button to read my 4 replies.

In this letter - first Im glad you told your parents - I think you are in the UK and here you might need the citizens advice bureau and the marriage guidance bureau - both are excellant organisations, both are trained in counselling, both can support, and maybe hold back the social disintegration which you start describing and I know very well ...

But I really want you covered with anaesthetic cream - it was the only thing which helped me in the practical sense. And I want to know if you have any belief I mean Christianity or Buddhism, anything which can give you a bit more balance and inner strength.

Im glad you read what I wrote about trying to listen to others - yes !!! I know its impossible - but I feel everything you can do to keep balanced is important.

Maybe money is the way to the Urologists heart - you should get thoughtful treatment, - I just have this suspicion that no Urologist understands the sort of complaints we get on this forum, or on the home page ... I wish you luck, whens the appointment? ... At the same time I cant help repeating that somewhere online there must be a student urologist who would love the chance at breaking new ground and we need to find him . or them - you know my thoughts on this.

My theory is pains like ours do improve - but so slowly that it will take six months until you are not in permanent agony. Sorry that Im such a bringer of pessimism - Get the anaesthetic cream - I will now move to letter no2

cheers Rob

>I can identify with you very much Robin. It was very difficult for my sex life, but it is now much more than that, it's screwing up my whole life. I try to stay positive and think abuot other things, but the pain never goes away, so i can never forget my shame or the fact that i've lost the greatest thing in life.
>It has changed me socially, and I lost a job since then, because i never slept and could never focus at work.
>When i hang out with friends i try to enjoy, and talk about the things that we usualy talk about, or even listen to them, but i can't. This si all i can think about.
>I've shared my plight with my parents, they have some money to take me to another doctor, all i can do is hope.
>I know that i'll never be happy if things don't improve. I just have to hope that they can.
>and i'll surely report in if it does. Thanks Robin.


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