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Re: penis trauma

Written by Robin at 08 Jun 2006 19:34:26:

As an answer to: penis trauma written by Jay at 02 Jun 2006 18:19:39:

Hi Jay,

I can follow your story. ... (I thought cialis was without side effects, I was thinking of getting some myself ... anyway) ... cialis and a Harley is obviously a bit too exciting for your loins ... and we have a clear cause - except I imagine you banged your penis on the underside against the tank ... but Im trying to understand how you get an erection 30 degrees up.

Normally on this forum and with penis fracture we get bends to the left or right depending on which corpus cavernoso has been damaged. So If the injury is on the right, the penis bends left and vice versa. Hummm there are only two corpus cavernoso ... on the left and right, so how come you end up with a bend upwards???

Im afarid you might find the bend is permanent (or only to correct through operation) the pains will gradually diminish ...

I am really no expert (? maybe I am by now? ... no one else seems to be!) I have to suggest abstinence - non penis centred thinking and relating - and then please always come back and tell us how your situation developed ... or what the urologist says

the only other suggestion is anaesthetic cream applied externally, and then please report if this diminishes the pain - maybe you are not in enough pain to need this ... ?

Afraid thats all


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