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Re: Penile fracture? After I came.....comes a bruise


Written by Robin at 15 Jun 2006 19:20:51:

As an answer to: Penile fracture? After I came.....comes a bruise written by Elephant Man at 13 Jun 2006 01:11:34:

>I hope this is where i can get the best info about my situation,

Hi E.Man,
This probably is the best place for info. and if so it is proof that the medical world is in a sorry state with this sort of question.

I really know nothing, except from the emails etc. I get, I answer this forum freely, please dont complain if you dont like what I say.

What you describe is typical for this forum, an overbig erection strain, ... this is not penis fracture, but it is some sort of injury/trauma - atypical penis fracture ... and what YOU MUST do is take a complete rest from sex for a couple of weeks ... you describe a bruise or a strain ... imagine your foot bruising or being strained, if you carry on exercising it then it will never get better, you must rest it.

If anytime you discover cause or cure to your problem, PLEASE come back and tell us here. Im sorry that the other men on this forum have not come back to tell me how they are now, I would be better able to advise, and it would be considerate ... however most men are only concerned for themselves so what can I do ... I include my normal footnote and a second info. on Sports doctors, maybe it will help ... Sorry I dont think theres more I can say.


>I had a accident during sex, specifically cumming off. I cum'ed very intensely when my penis was really really hard (big pressure). I felt a moderate pain/bruise (mild if it happened somewhere else), and it appears to be bruising a lil wif veins being like popped, no decoloration, bleeding, etc.
>It has been 2 days since the incident, and i cant get a hard erection ongoing, it will go flaccid then after a while hard again, the bruise seems to bother less. I check if i was able to have another sexual intercourse but kinda failed misserablely, but i still came, with mild discomforts(almost ignorable)
>Wat im worried about is this a penile fracture?, will i heel from itself? wat is the best thing to do basically? any help is appreciated.



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