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Re: Penile fracture? After I came.....comes a bruise


Written by Elephant Man at 18 Jun 2006 22:02:32:

As an answer to: Re: Penile fracture? After I came.....comes a bruise written by Robin at 15 Jun 2006 19:20:51:

Thank you for your reply robin, and your description of my injury is just like my GPs.

Dorsal Vein Injury
Symptoms of my injury is a lil bruise, no pain unless pressure is applied, no decoloration, no bendings, no bleedings, injured veins hurt a lil when pressure is applied.

I went to see the my GP a couple of days a go and she described it as a dorsal vein trauma which i will inevitably heal from, depending on how much sex i have during the healing.

What im worried about is whether i will still get my 100% errection sustaining after i heal. Lately, i am able to get an erection 90% but unable to sustain it, maybe due to anxiety, and possibly because of the veins healing and not allowing as much blood as usual. Is this natural? and will i retain my usual stiffness?

However, I noticed my erection is improving and judging from my sperm it does not look like it has been affected by my injury.

I would like to add a little about my GPs note, she mentioned that penile fracture is a myth...and she advised me strongly against going on the net for information.



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