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Re: UCLA doctor says:

Written by Robin at 22 Jun 2006 19:09:20:

As an answer to: UCLA doctor says: written by Stevo at 17 Jun 2006 05:06:52:

Hi Stevo,

Please understand my doubts about the Peyronnies diagnosis, this seems a common suspicion that the doctors have, but I dont remeber your problems starting slowly and gradually becoming worse, and as I understand the situation, this is what must happen with peyronnies.

Compressed nitrates to kill an erection - interesting - never heard that before - be interested if they work.

I actually believe my "new thought" last week was pretty clever ... have you considered going to a sports doctor (an Orthopedic doctor)? otherwise I guess its just a few more weeks attempted abstinence and hoping and praying for you.

I wish you the best luck in the world.


>The doctor at UCLA says that I may have peyronie's but that before we settle on that terrible (and uncureable) solution he wanted me to take scar inhibitors and anti inflamatories for 6 weeks and give it total rest. He even gave me some compressed nitrates i can snort in case i need to kill an erection.
>while he couldn't FEEL scar tissue he said there's a good chance that it's there, just to small to feel.
>but the fact that i still have pain may hopefully indicate that my problem is an unhealed wound, and not scar tissue.
>Here's to hopin.


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