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Re: Internal pain

Written by Robin at 23 Jun 2006 16:51:54:

As an answer to: Re: Internal pain written by Lee at 17 Jun 2006 18:57:02:

Hello Lee,

Im wondering if this PFD could explain a number of the problems on this forum. - There are a number of men suffering probably a pinched nerve. You sound like you understand whats happening here. I find it very interesting what you say about physical therapy and athletes ... I have recently started wondering if a sports doctor would be better than an Urologist.

Look, I know almost nothing about the problems on this forum (which I attempt to answer :-)) - I know my own experience which is that around 20 doctors had no explanation for my pains (apart from peyronnies or psychosomatic) Urologists obviously do not understand the problems.

Could you please tell us : what caused your own problems? what are the symptoms? what sort of doctor did you go to (ie. was it an urologist or an Orthopedic doc.)? and are you actually having physiotherapy and is it helping cure your pinched nerve?

Basicly please tell us more - if possible -


>It could very well be what I am dealing with. It's called "pelvic floor disorder." It's what happens when you blow a gasket (really piss off a muscle or muscles) in your pelvic floor area (muscles around and in your low belows, anus, taint, etc.) What happens is the offended muscle is either inflamed, in spasm, or in the wrong orientation so to speak and is causing a nerve (the pudendal nerve to be exact) to be compressed or pinched and you are getting pain.
>PFD more often diagnosed in women but it's turning out more and more men are being diagnosed. In the past the symptoms were often written off as chronic postatitis. It is more likely to occur in athelites or someone who does a lot of lifting.
>It can be corrected with Physical Therapy or in worst case senario, surgery.
>Or I guess you could just be playing with it too much...
>If it continues go to your doctor. Be your own advocate.
>Good luck.
>>Ok, what I think I did is masturbate too hard one day (or too much).
>>Now, about a week ago, the inside of my penis hurts. It occurs on the left and right side (Vas Deferans?), and strongly where the main muscle ends (before it approaches the glans).
>>An erection hurts towards the top (like a stretch pull pain).
>>It feels like a blocking pain, I dont know if I could have injured it. I haven't masturbated since, and there is little/no signs of improvement.
>>Urination, when standing up, can be uncomfortable, but sitting on a toilet is completly fine. It only hurts when I have to go really bad and then a lot of urine is expelled.
>>You know the middle line in the jeans? If this touches the penis at the points, it causes extreme discomfort.
>>Also, I havent had sex before, so no STD's.


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