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Re: update

Written by Robin at 23 Jun 2006 16:57:02:

As an answer to: update written by Stevo at 19 Jun 2006 14:45:58:

Hi Stevo,

I hope your laser driven penis will have success, in the meantime have you seen Lee's recent message re:internal pain ... this might be interesting for you, Im not sure (as with most things on this forum :-)) ----- and otherwise, lets start a new thread next time you write, this one is getting cramped into the side of the page.


>I'm notcing that the medications have lessened my pain.
>Worst case scenario: this alleviation of pain is a temporary effect of the drugs.
>middle case: this rest and these drugs will cure my pain, but i'll still have erection problems.
>Best Case: my pain will be gone, my erection will be full and strong and lasting....and my penis will double in size and be able to shoot lasers to destroy my enemies.
>....we'll see. wish me luck guys.


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