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Re: 10 Year old penis trauma never healed

Written by Robin at 06 Jul 2006 19:02:25:

As an answer to: Re: 10 Year old penis trauma never healed written by Ammar at 29 Jun 2006 22:48:07:

Hi Ammar,

I was thinking over the week, and believing this to be some terrible skin disease, I thought skin specialists are dermatologists, and maybe you should try one. However now I learn that the skin ripped internally ... so the thinning of the skin and discolouration was probably bruising as a result.

I do firmly believe that Urologists havent got a clue about our sort of complaint and they are not trained for complex erectile difficulties - I have a suspicion that Sports doctors might know something about ripped muscles ligaments etc. - but obviously I am as clueless as yourself ... it definately needs to try in directions other than urology, maybe a doctor versed in Chinese medicine, maybe accupuncture, ... There must be a cause and a cure for what we have - but I dont know what -

could the dorsal vein or the pelvic links which I gave you be any use?

so stick around if you want, (Im here every Thursday (at present))



>Hi Robin. Thank you for the reply.
>I felt the skin tear internally . Then everything went to hell form there. I just dont know what to do right now and where to turn.


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