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Re: Question about pains in Penis

Written by Robin at 13 Jul 2006 18:59:08:

As an answer to: Question about pains in Penis written by Dat at 13 Jul 2006 18:51:57:

Hello Dat,

You have sharp, sort of prickly pains at the base of the penis. The
pains which I have over years are extreme, but similar problems come in
every different strength and variety, It seems the penis and its
musculature is much more fragile and easy to damage than our cultural
picture of the strong erect penis ... I dont want to worry you, but it
sounds like you might have the start of some problems.

How old are you?

Naturally the professional advice is go to an Urologist. However
it appears the rare cases the urologists have seen they diagnose as
psychosomatic, and because individual men have learnt not to complain
about their penis, the doctors have never acknowledged such pains and
such complaints have to my knowledge never been studied by the medical

I cant say much more without a more detailed desription, is it a nerve a
muscle or a bruise??? I have no idea - please write in say 3 months time with
any description of developments.



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