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penis fracture question

Written by Dave at 07 Dec 2006 18:12:18:

I was looking for some answers and advice. I fractured my penis, and now have a bend to the right with a hollow spot at the bend area. I have never had pain, or swelling as others have indicated. I am going to have surgery on it, but am confused and concerned as you also are about your problem. My fracture did not occur recently, so the doctor tells me it complicates things. The doctor that I had in NY just passed it off as an insignificant problem, even though I told him 3 times about what had happened.

It wasn't until I got the idea of looking on the Internet, that I found out about what had happened to me. I then found a urologist in Fla. (my other home), and he is telling me that there is corrective surgery, but what they do is shorten the opposite side of the penis to straighten it out. This does not make sense to me, and it wouldn't eliminate the hollow spot. Any advice, I am interested in. I do not use the NY urologist any longer as I feel he is incompetent. However, I am not sure about the Fla. one either, as what he is telling me don't make sense either. It does interfere with sex, but there is no pain or urinary problem at this time. Thanks for taking the time to respond.



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