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Sports doctor

Written by Robin at 07 Dec 2006 18:16:31:

Hi anyone and everyone,

I notice how many of the questions are connected with men saying they overdid it, or had a bigger than normal erection,

This contradicts the normal idea that you cant overdo masturbation, but you can overdo anything so why not masturbation?

I call it atypical penis fracture, because it seems to me this is as close as our injury is named anywhere, and one symptom is often bending ...but its maybe more like a sprain or a torn ligament (how does a torn ligament feel?)

Someone told me how similar what I described was, to sportsmen with torn nerves or ligaments ... the cure for this would be rest i.e. abstinence - possibly for several months.

Enough of us (on this forum and home page) have been to Urologists, and its pretty clear that Urologists dont understand these sort of problems.

A Doctor who specialises in Sports Injuries, may be able to understand many of our mysterious problems. I believe this means an Orthopedic doctor specialising in Sports injuries. So, its just an idea but maybe worth someone trying.




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