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Re: Sh*t - I aint the only one

Written by Rob at 23 Mar 2005 19:11:38:

As an answer to: Re: Sh*t - I aint the only one written by Gary at 19 Mar 2005 13:04:04:

Hi Gary,

you do enjoy writing - dont you!

its not peyronnies it happened suddenly, and I believe you would be able to feel hard areas.

I have never heard of bent penii becoming straight again ... so maybe you just have to learn some new acrobatics for your fun - maybe at certain angles, your wife will even prefer the new variation ...?

see ya

>I agree with your statement (request) that posters try and continue posting their progress - even if things do get better - and your right - probably those who quit, got better.
>I think I have improved. I have the odd feeling this has happened before.
>Sorry about the long, long, post.
>I havent felt any real pain - just a tightness that wasnt there before.

>I had been taking careful, since it seemed the majority opinion after 5 - 6 hours
>Cruising websites to see just what happened (and surely I couldn’t be the only one).
>Not a lot of real positive news posted or in print - from Doctor or patient.
>Back to careful -
>My wife and I had been checking the bend, etc. about once or twice a week. She was more worried than I was in the beginning (except the very beginning when only I noticed the problem during masturbation, did a quick search, and got my first knowledge from an article which describing Pyrenees (sp) stated, "no cure, progressively worsening, no sex, only hope was a surgical fillet, which sent you home without a piss shutoff switch and a future life with a (even) shorter dick - which was academic – since chances are you wouldn’t be getting it up anymore.


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