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Re: Paranoid ?

Written by Robin at 07 Dec 2006 18:44:27:

As an answer to: Paranoid ? written by s at 05 Dec 2006 07:44:27:

Hi s,

For me the point is you heard a popping sound which is one of the indications for penis fracture .. and there is some change in sensation ... however I have no analysis, I dont understand what might have happened ... did you accidently bend or knock your erection?

my (inexpert and unprofessional) suggestion is a few days abstinence and then if you feel normal sensation then try again and come back and tell us how it feels.



>when i was masturbating, i heard a popping sound, no real pain followed, no bleeding, i was still hard and i still finished. However afterwards, i have this weird sensation around the pelvic area of my penis, not pain.
>i masterbated again after about 4 hrs and everything was fine, however im not sure what is wrong as there is still discomfort.
>could this be a mild sprain/fracture? or am i just being paranoid?
>thanks for all for reading


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