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atypical fracture - numbness

Written by m at 07 Dec 2006 18:48:48:

Hi Robin

Thanks for creating your website - it is the only place i can find, after months of searching the internet, which relates to my very serious problems.

I am a 20-yr old student from england. Since May of this year i have had severe sexual dysfunction due to what i believe is some kind of atypical fracture. The problem started with pain and gradually decreasing sexual sensation in my penis, and after a few weeks i reached the stage im at now - no sensation whatsoever and ocasional mild pain when sitting (in the perineal area). With no sexual feeling at all, it is not a surprise that my erections have also stopped entirely - however i did not suffer tremendous pain or bleeding at any stage, and have no difficulty urinating etc.

The symptoms are obviously neurological and related to some kind of injury which doctors have thus far been unable to detect (through physical exams and an ultrasound). I have suggested to urologists here that it could be possible that fractures or internal injuries can occur through aggressive masturbation or sex, but the response i received was that 'fractures are usually pretty spectacular, and unless you had bleeding or immediate massive pain, then it is unlikely you have had one.' I have had no history of psychological issues, so naturally i am cursing my luck that every doctor here is insisting that i continue with the psychgenic prognosis (in myopinion a total waste of time, since these symptoms of no sensitivity etc appeared literally overnight). I know for a fact that the health system in england is appalling when it comes to male health and andrology, as confirmed by the fact that everyone i have seen has completely dismissed my claims that i must have a physical injury - they simply do not know enough about this field.

As you can imagine this has completely destroyed my life, and at the moment i am coming to terms with the fact that i have to seek help elsewhere. i apologise if you would have preferred me to post this on the forum rather than mail you, but i was wondering if you could direct me to one of the individuals who has posted in your site earlier this year (if you still, by chance, know their email address or any kind of contact details). Incidentally he lives in the UK aswell, and i would like to contact him since the description of his symptoms matches mine exactly. He posted on the forum under the name of 'Toc' in March of this year, and his story is also accessible from the main page (i think it's the 3rd one from the top under 'Personal experiences' and is titled '3-year old atypical fracture after intense masturbation, no sensitivity' )

if you still have this person's email address i would be most grateful if you could forward it to me - as i say the symptoms he describes are exactly the same as mine (i also have curvature to the left although this only happened after about 2 months). When i told the urologist that i don't think ultrasound would find anything anyway, and that MRI of the penis/genitals might be a good idea, he said that 'if you had trouble with your nerves in the pelvic region, you would also have other problems to do with urine flow and bladder control, which you do not'. All docotrs i have seen have said that an MRI would be a waste of money as it wouldnt show anything - but i have a feeling that an MRI might just show up the symptoms of an atypical fracture, or scarring etc, since it is the best diagnostic tool in most scenarios. I have looked into having neurological evaluations of the genitals done, which can be performed elsewhere in europe as i believe. I have e-mailed a doctor called 'Luca Incrocci' who sems to know about nerve tests etc - andrology is as widely-studied in Italy as it is ignored in this crap country. I f you'd like me to let you know of what these pursuits lead to then of course i'll let you know

I apologise if this email is too long; if you think it would be a good idea for me to put my story on the forum then no problem. Thanks again for your effort in putting your forum up - it seems to me now that men with these problems are fighting against the ignorance of the majority of the medical world - noone simply seems to have any idea how these injuries could occur, and the longer i go without a diagnosis the more i'll believe that i have a very rare problem. but i won't stop fighting as long as i believe there is a way of regaining my quality of life

Thanks again, hope to hear from you soon and dont hesitate to mail me if you want to discuss your situation - like you say i hope something might come of all this and these kind of shattering problems can be brought out of the shadows and into the awareness of the medical world




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