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Re: Possible cure for ED

Written by louis at 14 Jan 2007 01:11:29:

J, I'm glad you are doing your research. The article you refer to was released about 2 years ago; I asked my urologist when this treatment would become available and he said "not for another 5 years or so...". Now, maybe he's just being cautious, urologists are like accountants - they play everything safe and don't get excited about too much!

I'm into my 3rd year now with ED, I'm 40 and was devastated when it happened (through intercourse) and I used to spend evert waking moment looking for a cure. I personally believe that the cure is lies with the work that Dr. Anthony Atala (Wake Forest University - Winsten Salem, North Carolina)is doing. He's a tissue engineer, probably the world leader. Any sufferers out there should type his name into Google and look at his work. He mostly works with children but this is changing. The gene therapy work is not a cure, it's treatment - there's a big difference, but it is still something to get excited about. There is a place in India that is already advertising that they can do this for half the cost of western surgeons. I have not persued this, I'm a bit scepticle of their capabilities.

Robin, the guy who started and used to manage this site, has now sadly, but understandably, had enough. He wasn't getting the support. One person cannot do this. It will benefit us to work together as a group. We should work together! I have some ideas that I'd like to share with others. If anyone would like to discuss how we should develop this site and continue Robins good work then email me on louis2529 -at- .


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